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edga the cussin badger
Posted: Jun 20, 2002 12:43 am
thats right this fuckin saturday night @ raleigh's premeire heavy metal hangout the stage stop...oh yeah they are a pretty fuckin cool kiss cover band complete with makeup and pyrotechnics/cheesy groupies....
Posted: Jun 20, 2002 12:58 am
STRUTTER! shit, i saw them at the UNICORN 6 years ago! if anyone's unfamiliar with the unicorn, it's a legendary milwaukee shithole club that all the "greats" came through when they were nothing. and the place WAS a total shithole. run by an iranian who was infamous for chasing bands out of his club with a gun when they complained... about not getting paid! i can't remember all the bands that came through there, but i'm talking like jsbx on their first tour, 68 comeback on their first tour (with jack and greg, i think?), plus it was the place the big shit alternative bands would play their "secret" shows, like smashing pumpkins and whatnot.. anyways, it was slightly bizarre seeing this big overblown KISS cover band with all the pyrotechnics playing this total shithole.. but yeah, STRUTTER!! kick ass, dude
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