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eric o
Posted: Nov 30, 2001 11:23 pm
11-8:30 weekdays, 11-10:30 sat, 9-3 sun (i think)
Excellent chicken, tastes like the Mason Gus'. Spicy, dark brown, thickly-battered skin.

Same crappy sides- slaw, beans, white bread. didn't try the fries but looked similar, also.

price is 2 bucks more for a 3 piece plate of white meat BUT we got 2 breasts + wing. A lot of chicke for 8.65. beer served from ponies to quarts of miller and budweiser. a quart is 4 bucks, not bad. i saw a heineken in there, too.

wait staff was nuevo hippie restaurant types you've seen around town. kinda annoying, but attentive & enthusiastic for the most part. Compared to the random, bizarre non-service of the original Gus', this is better and worse.

jukebox reflects the staff- think Ernestine & Hazel's- loads of classic rock + North Mississippi All-Stars + Sun Collections + John Lee Hooker, etc. None of the Malaco/Jodeci/new R&B selections from the Mason location.

layout is open, simple. Kitchen in back open to view. Clean and large bathrooms.

Overall- hell yeah it's worth it. If it becomes overrun by clean-cut annoying frat kids, it's 'cause the chicken is great and the hours are convenient for downtown chow-down. You'll spend a couple bucks more than you would in Mason but you save an hour and a half in driving time. Still, there's always gonna be something special about going that far to a shack next to the highway with warped floors and walls with all the fixtures covered in grease while Johnny Taylor pumps from the jukebox. This ain't that- but it's not supposed to be. Great chicken. Check it out!

[photos whenever i finish this damn roll!]

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