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Posted: Nov 28, 2001 10:27 pm
dang those steak sandwiches are somethin else. get em with slaw and cheese and extra gravy. mmm.
Posted: Nov 29, 2001 6:56 pm
According the Flyer, Gus' downtown location is opening for deep fryin. Any reports?
eric o
Posted: Nov 29, 2001 7:23 pm
first reports are mixed. i think they not only got the recipe for the chicken, they also kept the recipe for the sides- straight outta a can, with real white bread.

will report back friday with a first-hand account!

ghetto flobulous
Posted: Nov 29, 2001 8:27 pm
can someone take pictures of the food and post them on this site so i can look at it when i'm eatin' my box from the food bank. if i pretend, maybe i will convence myself that i'm really eatin' it...
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