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Posted: Oct 13, 2001 12:11 am
The annual Louisiana State Penitentiary Rodeo is here! People have called it barbaric, inhumane, cruel, and also FUN! Truly the "Wildest Show In The South". It is the last remaining convict rodeo in existence. Every Sunday In October you can witness the most desperate and insane (sporting?) event in the South. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the award winning documentary about it. If you don't know then check out www.angolarodeo.com and click under events to see descriptions of what goes down. Crowd faves are Convict Poker, Wild Cow Milking, and Guts and Glory. This may sound like redneck bullshit to some but just to sit and see 5 or 6 lifer inmates with NOTHING to lose try to snatch a poker chip from a super-pissed 5000lb. bull's head is pure entertainment! We go every year and two years ago we actually saw one inmate get killed. He was bullriding and was thrown instantly when the chute opened. He landed on his head and snapped his neck. I went around and watched the paramedics working on him and I saw one of them make the DOA sign by sliding his index finger across his throat! If you are gonna be around here and want to go make sure you get you tickets in advance because they sell out at the gate every time. Get there early to check out the various inmate bands and all the arts and crafts. You can get a bootleg FUBU wallet or a very interesting or scary painting. They have tons of food like jambalaya, BBQ, po boys and other fairground type stuff. Lots of people go ther to buy furniture that the inmates make. The only drawback is no beer or booze and you can't bring any because you're on prison grounds. One year we smuggled in a fifth of Jim Beam but I'm not gonna try it again cuz I don't wanna live in Angola.
bernard boudreaux
Posted: Oct 23, 2001 9:39 pm
CONVICT POKER!!! Is that when a bunch of dip-shit child molester inmates sit around a table and let a 2000 pound bull run through the middle of them? In OPP (Orleans Parish Prison) they just rape those mother fuckers!
I have been told.
eric o
Posted: Nov 1, 2001 2:48 am
that convict poker- i seen it! damn fools got thrown all over the place by the bull! but nobody died. missed the 500 dollar between-the-horns money grab, though... was too busy bartering with the convict/artists out in the concession area, got me some nice artworks, too, along with some great boudin balls of fire and hot hot wings.

something like 60% of the dudes out there are in for homicide! yikes!

bernard boudreaux
Posted: Nov 1, 2001 10:06 pm
mmmmm boudin balls! i'm makin' some right now.
Posted: Nov 1, 2001 10:42 pm
What kind of artwork did you get Eric?? Some friends of mine went and got some cool belt buckles that were made out of pots and pans or something like that.
eric o
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 12:05 am
very rudimentary peni-style woodburned bayou scene in a wooden frame... maybe 16"x 28" or so... pretty surreal. there's a sign in the swamp that says "slow down"...

we also scored a couple of leather can-holders (that's beverage style, not "your southern can is mine" style leather britches) that say "angola rodeo" with a picture of a bull on 'em... don't know if they'll work as good as my truckstop drink coozies (sp?) but they look better.

we went for the last rodeo of the season, i think the smart folk get there for the first and get first pick of the really wild stuff.

bernard boudreaux
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 2:30 am
na...i'm sure you got the best stuff. the clocks made from cypress knees with the heavy lacquer and tacky gold roaman numerals are always the first to go...i don't know who really makes that shit they sell. my cajun cousin is in angola for life or something like that. he picks potatos for 45 cents an hour...
Womb Raider
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 3:33 am
Speaking of can coozies, or cozies, or whatever, I have a question I've been meaning to bring up.

In my youth, I seem to remember my parents having these plastic things that you could wrap around a beercan that made yer beer look like a can of coke. They had the coca-cola logo on them (or a very close approximation) and they just wrapped around the beercan like a piece of paper, but were somehow held on by the magic of condensation. Those things were fuckin brilliant! Am I the only person who's ever seen these things? Does anyone know if they still make 'em?

Posted: Nov 2, 2001 4:07 am
Yeah. I remembeer those things. they used to sell 'em at head shops way back when. Right next to the shaving cream cans that unscrewed so you could put your stash in there. Someone should bootleg/reissue them nowadays. Don't need those if you live in N.O. though, right, Bernard!!!!
bernard boudreaux
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 6:29 am
i don't know about new orleans...but down here in tibadoux we got no problem with bootleggin' doz tabbasco wrappers fo da beer cans. looks kinda funny sittin' up deh on my new john deer doe...when a police pulls me over on dee side of dee soybeen row...i just say hey ocifer dis just be a can of hot sauce...P.S. are dem saints still be playin' de foosball?
eric o
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 8:37 am
bernard you are a jenius.
eric o
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 8:42 am
and i'm pretty sure they still make those fake can things... not really sure if they work or not... i think they say "Cote" or something very similar, in the Coca-Cola font... they are very very great. one of the only good things about the pothead lifestyle is the covert/paranoid aspects... and the paraphrenalia (sp?) is great. furry freak brothers unite!

ps they are all out to get you.

pps and george washington loved the grateful dead.

ppps i got the record by "Head Shop" and it was produced by "LEATHER BOY" Milan!!!!!!!!

it's all connected. boo.

bernard boudreaux
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 8:01 pm
dude, more and more people are talkin' about pot on the goner board. i guess what they say is true...old punks don't die they just go hippie...bb
Posted: Nov 3, 2001 1:10 am
Hey, I STILL have two of them can things from way back when! One sez "Caco-Calo" and the other sez "7OP".

What is this "lifestyle" of which you speak? I just enjoy the same crazy stuff the rest of you do.

Yep, pothead punks. We do exist.

"Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed".

You could just substitute beer or whatever else floats your boat.

eric o
Posted: Nov 3, 2001 2:12 am
yeah, yeah, i know. most cool folks in history enjoyed the pleasures of being outta their minds... most of 'em were outta their minds anyway, though. what bugs me about the potheads is that most of 'em seem to get lazy and content just to get high and do nothing. not saying that beer-o's or whiskeydrunks or plain drunks get a whole lot done in their fucked-up states neither but they don't seem so eager to retreat to the dark recesses of the couch.

if you can keep it going while enjoying the loco weed, then more power to you. at least your liver's still strong.

bernard boudreaux
Posted: Nov 3, 2001 9:28 pm
yeah...i hear ya. the funny thing about pot is, when i was a pot smoker i listened to the fastest most aggressive punk ever. now i'm older i listen to lots of music that could be considered stoner rock, but i just get real drunk and rock out to it...plus, i can't bang chicks when i'm stoned. at least when i'm drunk it still works. maybe only like a "half on" but it still works...as long as i get my nut, who cares?
eric o
Posted: Nov 5, 2001 11:32 pm
just got a report in from a philadelphia associate, according to him many "stealthcovers" are employed by fans at the vet. maybe that's why their fans are so friendly....

six covers for 9.99 plus shipping from:


Womb Raider
Posted: Nov 6, 2001 8:21 am
Whoa, that rules. I knew someone had to still be selling them.. You've got some serious connections there, Eric. Those are some old school soda cans too, I don't know if you could get away with drinking a beer out of a can of diet pepsi from 1985. It's still tempting to order some though.

I remember seeing "Mountain Dow" labels as well back in the day, and possibly regular "Pipsi" although I'm not sure.

eric o
Posted: Nov 6, 2001 8:25 am
yeah, we're still looking for some "orange crash"...

come to think of it, doesn't that 7UP can look straight outta the 70s? I haven't sipped on any in a while...

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