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eric o
Posted: Oct 5, 2001 11:58 pm
new-ish, cafeteria-style fried/baked chicken place in south memphis near downtown, off of Crump.. other meats: turkey leg, chitt'lins. I had the fried chicken- spicy but not hot, not crispy skin but the meat was tender. very good but not "the best chicken i've ever had" good. sides of greens and spaghetti were GREAT, however. very generous helping of vegetables (yes spaghetti is a vegetable in the south). only one largish piece of chicken, but enough chicken. Homey-ish decor with old saws, old radios and other antique-ish paraphrenalia on the walls. very friendly service. meal + drink for 8 bucks. Recommended!

Orr's Country Cookin' Restaurant
655 Mississippi Blvd / Georgia Ave
(901) 527-8582

what's up with the Gus' downtown location?

bernard boudreaux
Posted: Oct 11, 2001 2:54 am
MMMMMMM that sounds good...is the Cozy Corner still there? does any one know?
eric o
Posted: Oct 12, 2001 9:17 am
yes. cozy still rules the ribs (to my tongue, at least).ray robinson, original owner, has passed the bbq smoker over to his son and his family. still as great as ever.
final solution 1
Posted: Oct 13, 2001 10:45 pm
had some great catfish at orr's the other day - super thick and fried up tasty. smothered potatoes were great too - okra had been on the stove all week and came out gruel-like but i got most of it down with a lot of hot sauce when the owner came out and told me to eat my vegetables. good times.
eric o
Posted: Nov 2, 2001 12:08 am
Orr's seems to be middlin'... maybe my first impressions were overly-positive. with the cafeteria-style food service it's hard to get fresh, hot food. overall the food comes in big helpings but it's pretty bland. i've been 3 times and it's solid, but not a must-eat.

still waitin' on that GUS' downtown... yeah!

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