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Posted: Sep 3, 2007 5:21 am
heard Hi Electric is worth checking out.
Anyone know next time I can catch a show?
and possibly a little bit more on what to expect?
Posted: Sep 3, 2007 5:41 pm
Deffo worth checking out.
I saw em at Shangri La and they were really good with great songs.
Posted: Sep 3, 2007 6:17 pm
They've been in to rehearse here at the studio a few times. Very good band!
Posted: Sep 3, 2007 10:11 pm
they'll be on the east stage at Cooper-youngfest along with Jump Back Jake, Third Man, Noise Choir, and twin pilot.
Posted: Sep 6, 2007 7:09 pm
I dig the songs on their myspace

I also played them on 10 Degrees of Memphis on Monday.
Posted: Sep 6, 2007 11:17 pm
you got a link to that 10 degrees of Memphis show? I would like to post it on our myspace.
Posted: Sep 7, 2007 3:07 am
Posted: Sep 8, 2007 6:27 pm
thats the River City Tanlines show

I'll get you a link - its in my inbox at work.
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