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Goner Message Board / Memphis / Anything to do in Memp this weekend June1st?
Posted: Jun 1, 2001 6:06 pm
Uggg... I'm alittle antsy. It's Friday and I can't thing of a single thing to get into this weekend. Any suggestions?
Posted: Jun 1, 2001 10:28 pm
Friday Black Lodge video is showing some previews of stuff in the Indie Memphis film fest, and I think some free food/drink. Also, memphis landmark film maker JMM is giving tips on promoting your films. Hmmnnn... well, at least there is reality TV, which brings me to the last episode of VH1's bands on the run, starring Sam, the guy with the american flag motorcycle helmet on dancin' so sexy to Soul Cracker. His band the Oscars joined by the Final Solutions are playing at the Map Room Sunday the 3rd, and It's Chucks B'day too.
eric o
Posted: Jun 1, 2001 11:06 pm
uh, i don't know where it is, but ex-ultimate fighting champion Royce Gracie is having a demonstration somewhere this weekend... it's like 10 bucks. info in the flyer. he is one bad dude.
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