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eric o
Posted: May 28, 2001 11:24 pm
There's a fashion spread in the Sunday New York Times Magazine section with pics of Jack Oblivian, Scott Bomar, Porch Ghouls, Fieldstones, some Elvis imp, some rockabillies etc in high priced duds. Most of the pictures, most of the text is here http://www.nytimes.com/2001/05/27/magazine/27STYLE.html [ you may have to register w/the new york times to see it.] accompanying text is fuckin' horrible- the point that memphis sucks and rules at the same time just never gets established except that Air Trans sucks, hotel coffee sucks (surprise!), but Bob Dylan AND Matchbox 20 (gee!) love it here. ugh. please go back to new york and do not come back.

oh yeah, memphis was a stop on VH1's BANDS ON THE RUN show.... really retarded, some local star cameos (Oscars!), some local girls desperate to screw some pathetic Pearl Jam band dudes. Way to represent, Memphis. No mention made of a certain band's idiocy leading to them being around 400 bucks and a few bottles of booze poorer by the time they got back from their "gig".... hmm.

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