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Goner Message Board / Memphis / LA Music Critic visits Memphis, prefers Nashville
Posted: Jul 23, 2007 11:28 pm

what, no BBQ?
Posted: Jul 23, 2007 11:36 pm
I read that today too, but somehow missed the part where the writer said he preferred Nashville
Posted: Jul 23, 2007 11:37 pm
Where did you find that he preferred Nashville? I just skimmed the article, but he did spend more time talking about Memphis. (He was kind of catty about it, though).
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 12:30 am | Edited by: elle
yeah he doesn't mention that he prefers nashville, but he does mention bbq (at neely's).

why anyone in their right mind would prefer nashville over memphis is beyond me. i love memphis. just not beale street (in its current form). at least he liked sun and stax. i think it's funny that he uses the word "pedestrian" though. simply because so many yuppie-type people have been overusing it as of late to derogatorily describe things they don't like.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 12:52 am
After the game, we walked to Beale Street, which once hosted one of the most active African American music scenes in the country. There are still blues and funk clubs galore, but the level of talent is pretty pedestrian.

Suddenly, Nashville was calling.

dunno, just kind of seemed kind of off-hand, typical LA dis comment.

also doesn't seem he got much out of the civil rights "museum" but let's not go there:

Then head a few blocks southwest to the National Civil Rights Museum, which addresses the wider story of racial struggle in this country.

The museum is at the site of the Lorraine Motel, where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. The first thing you see when you walk up to the museum is the balcony where the shooting occurred (the motel is closed and part of the museum).

Inside, you can look through a window at the third-floor room where King spent his final hours. I'm betting it's a scene you'll never forget.

Posted: Jul 24, 2007 2:16 am
the level of talent is pretty pedestrian.

It's hard to argue with this. On Beale, I mean. Those Nashville jam sessions can get pretty star-studded compared to the house band at EP Delta Kitchen.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 2:48 am
heh. i don't disagree with his comment that most of the talent on beale is "pedestrian" or whatever. rather, i was laughing at his use of the word. it just seems that yuppers love to use that word a lot lately.

if he went elsewhere in memphis, i'm quite sure he would find something of better quality. but beale...eh. go hang out somewhere else and leave that to the long island iced tea sippin' tourists.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 3:16 am
I don't trust anyone from L.A. to be an "expert" on civil rights.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 4:33 am
Good point.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 7:46 am
People from L.A. are faggots who think their shit smells like starbucks. They also think they know more than everyone in the whole fucking world.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 8:34 am | Edited by: Jack Stands
You know, I read the piece just now. My earlier reaction was just knee-jerk (although, I do believe that).
This was just a fluff piece. Typical Elvis, Beale, Blah. Glad they went to Stax and Sun. But yeah, how many times have you ever walked down Beale and not heard somebody doing Mustang Sally. I hate that song for that very reason. It's not the song's fault; just as it isn't Elvis' fault that no one is allowed to forget the god-awful fried pb&b.
I've said it a million times before:
When visitors come to town, I tell them to go down to Main and Calhoun and put their foot on the train rail at the top of the hill.
Tell them EXACTLY what they put their foot on, and the history involved.
They freak out. Seriously. People in Chicago and New Orleans can do the same thing, but it's what ties these awesome cities together, travel, freight, and music-wise.
Speaking of trains, drive over to the old iron train bridge. Dare them to walk across as far as they can before a train comes down. Do this with care, and not on a weekend. Mid-morning weekday is best as to not get busted/killed.
Put them in one of those Rock n'Roll car tours. Walk them down Main and tell them about whore houses and suicides. Stand on the fucking cobble stones (will we be able to do that when they re-do the riverfront? Anybody?). Drive them down North Parkway/Summer. Take them to the end of Sam Cooper at E. Parkway, and explain to them WHY I-40 stops right there (only place in the US). Go to the Metal Museum and show them the secret Battery entrance across the street (and how Memphis rolled over pretty quickly during it's battle in the Civil War, unlike the rest of TN). Then tell them, "Hey, you're standing on an Indian Burial Mound." Point out Tom Lee Park, and tell them the story of Tom Lee, and "there's a sunken steamboat, right over there." You can also tell them, "Jeff Buckley thought swimming was a good idea over there." And while you're standing there next to the River, tell them, "Oh, yeah. See this giant expanse of water moving that way (point south)? It ran backwards one time. And it probably will again. And all these buildings and high-rises to our east will come crumbling down. And the Pyramid will sink into the River, because it's built on sand. Cool, huh?"
Then drive them to West Memphis. Take them past the soybeans and the truck plazas, into the cotton. They'll be bored at first, and ask "What the hell are we doing?". Then turn around so they can get the cool ass view coming back into town over the bridge. Preferably at the end of the afternoon. Park back on the riverside; maybe on that tiny park at the top of the hill going south down Front St. as the sun is going down. They'll be glad you did.
Also, as lame as the rest of the park is, Mud Island's topographical, walking/wading map of the Mississippi is cool as fuck, too.
Memphis has so much awesome stuff, but trade travel magazines are going to talk about the Peabody Ducks all the live-long day.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 9:43 am
The twat's got a "calorie allowance", for fuck's sake, whaddya expect!?!?!?!? Same old lame-o look at Memphis from a middle class, highbrow, yuppie perspective...

"Memphis has so much awesome stuff, but trade travel magazines are going to talk about the Peabody Ducks all the live-long day."

Too true, Jack...
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 9:49 am | Edited by: Jack Stands
G'mornin', BKS!

Christ, I gotta go to bed.
Hope all is well with you and your's over there.
Also, dude, you're really tall. But funny as fuck, man.
G'night. I got work in about four hours.
I don't know how to say "Ack!" in Brit.
Hope everything's getting sorted, and you got a new awesome job.
Otherwise, you and Nadia can come over here, and I'll set up a tent in the back yard (freshly mowed; no worries, but you may have to patch the tent).

Holler. But later.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 9:59 am
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 10:00 am
Reply 35,000!!!!

Fuck, I'm sick.

Good night. I mean it this time.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 4:51 pm

Guess yer body clock got all outta whack during yer non-workin' days, rite? During my enforced lay-off, I ended up staying up really late, and getting up early (with nerves) when I started working again, I just couldn't keep my peepers open when I got home, then got a 'second wind' around 9pm and was again up until the small hours, doing all the stuff I meant to do while unemployed but wuz prevented from doing cos of nerves/lack of creative spark...

Had a two-hour job interview for a production editor vacancy at the magazine publisher that I'm freelancing for, will know if I got the job by Friday... funnily enuff, the guy usedta subscribe to the mag I usedta edit, Bucketful of Brains, so I reckon I'm in with a good chance!

Once we get ourselves back on track, we're gonna buy a place over here, but Nadia's still looking at the nursing conversion options for woikin' in TN, and it looks relatively hopeful! So we may still make it to live in Memphis yet! I'll hold ya to that offer of a leaky tent...

Shame we only hooked up for five mins outside of Goner, we need to drink and blather at length, methinks!
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 5:17 pm

4:00 am sucks.
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 6:14 pm
I don't trust anyone from L.A. to be an "expert" on civil rights.

Why not? They get plenty of insight from their Mexican gardeners....

It just seemed like Hilburn skimmed the surface of Memphis but really nook'd & crannied N'ville, esp. music-wise.
I can understand that yuppified Nashville is more appealing to somebody from LA, fer shure, that just speaks to their lack of depth, esp. Hollyweed media types
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 6:35 pm
It just seemed like Hilburn skimmed the surface of Memphis but really nook'd & crannied N'ville, esp. music-wise.

Haven't clicked on the link yet - Hilburn, huh? Surprised Theresa hasn't weighed in on this yet.. . .
Posted: Jul 24, 2007 6:38 pm
I wouldn't call the Ryman "nook'd & crannied".

They get plenty of insight from their Mexican gardeners....
Don't you, here in Memphis?
Posted: Jul 25, 2007 4:00 am
This is all Robert Hilburn can write about our music heritage? This can't be the same guy.
Christ, he even thinks the Arcade is a must stop. Now that's "pedestrian."
Posted: Jul 25, 2007 4:09 am
Christ, he even thinks the Arcade is a must stop. Now that's "pedestrian."

ding ding ding

we have a winner
Posted: Jul 25, 2007 12:46 pm
Hey, Jesse, think I missed yer report on the time you had in Memphis I take it that it was a whap-dang, all-round?

Arcade's OK, I think, and prolly the best downtown breakfast enlighten me to anywhere better!

Wasn't/is there a greasy spoon somewheres else down by the train station/off Sth Main, seem to remember Tad taking me there before I got on the Memphis-NOLA train, back in '97...

The Green Beetle sucked ass when we were just stopping in for a quick beer one afternoon back in April, dude tried to charge me $6 (!!!!!) fer a Pabst longneck!
Posted: Jul 25, 2007 4:06 pm
He probably just went where the PR rep assigned to him took him. It's easier than thinking!
Posted: Jul 31, 2007 12:05 am
People that dig Memphis are ones that like the soul and history of a place and enjoy the challenge of finding cool places to visit and new things to do (I have a list similar to Jack's). They like the laid back vibe here lacking in most large cities. They either overlook the crime and grime, or groove on the challenge of navigating a dangerous and heavily ghettoized city.

I find it strange that we (yeah, me too) still get so defensive when with each passing year it becomes less defensible. It's not a shock why so many people are unimpressed with our fair city. It didn't read like a hit piece to me.
Posted: Jul 31, 2007 4:50 am
This is all Robert Hilburn can write about our music heritage? This can't be the same guy.
Christ, he even thinks the Arcade is a must stop. Now that's "pedestrian."

HILBURN IS A HACK. don't get me started on this ass hat. i've been reading him in the LA Times since the day i could read. when i worked in PR, he was the biggest suck up yet still had a sense of entitlement.

he HATED "exile on main street" when he reviewed it - but then turns around and uses the line "this record lacks the shadowy late night compulsion of the Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street" when he critiques bands that want to sound Stonesy

let me stop now... i'll join in again...later
Posted: Jul 31, 2007 9:07 am | Edited by: Theresa K
i finally read that hilburn piece.
i know you all hate nashville, but i love it - and hilburn did only the most superficial nashville visit, too - and 100% touristy. (he ate at all the wrong places)

if i were his college journalism professor, i would hand him back his paper and tell him to RESEARCH WHAT MAKES THOSE CITIES AND THEIR MUSIC TICK....not give me "Fodor's Tennessee."

what a waste of space.

but what do you expect from a guy who once wrote a review something like: "you can always tell what the band's next record is going to sound like by the last song on the current album." wtf does that even mean???

i think the only thing he wrote that bears any validity is:
you realize that the music was part of a wider social and cultural revolution that involved race, class and politics. and he paraphrased that i'm sure from something in the film at the beginning of the stax tour
Posted: Jul 31, 2007 9:33 am
Theresa, thought I'd heard that line somewhere! That flick at the beginnning o'the Stax tour reduced me to tears, and hit home v.v. hard for me...

Hilburn still seems like a tosser, tho' I mean, how hard izzit to TALK TO PEOPLE when you hit town, like a regular perce, then you find that Memphis is a real friendly place, Goner-style sarcasm aside! :-)
Posted: Jul 31, 2007 9:48 am
hilburn is a starfucker who avoids normal people
there are innumerable "journalists" with his personality and i've known so many of them because i've worked at labels and stuff... they make my flesh crawl. i worked with a younger version of hilburn during my tenure at vh1. like the jerk i can be, i said to him, "you remind me of bob hilburn," and this ass beamed!

hilburn was supposed to have been laid off the LA Times in a big purge they had at the end of 2005.........why is he still writing for them???? is he "free lancing" for them now?

the only thing he had going for him was that often his year end top ten lists DIDN'T SUCK. of course, he had plenty of duds in his year end lists too.

during my PR days, i would keep a file of hilburn reviews (esp. if they were of the firm's clients), which i'd mark up like an english teacher - his writing is so CLUNKY. that's been said by many many people...yet he remained the top dog at the LA Times for 40 years. that job has to be half taste and half writing skill. he wasn't up to par in either column

on my first trip to memphis, on a job (food network), i was greeted warmly by people i had just met. they were so helpful in telling me the backstory of each place i was at and even the folks at the peabody - who must tell the duck story a million times a day...they would tell their story as if you were the only person who'd asked. i can only presume that hilburn looked down on everyone he encountered, thinking he knew more about memphis and the history of music than they did.
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