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Posted: Nov 3, 2005 10:07 pm
notes on a recent visit from an erstwhile Memphian.


+Miss Pussycat.
+The Raver.
+Miss Pussycat.
+anyone dressed as Craig Brewer.
+anyone dressed as Miss Pussycat.
+Miss Pussycat.
+Danvers East.
+New homes @ Elzey and Barksdale.
+'crane' type grafitti beneath viaduct near new homes @ Elzey/Barksdale.
+NASCAR @ J Waggs w. ol' girl.
+Janice Broach still holdin' it down. (killer pipes that woman has...will you read me bedtime stories?)
+Miss Pussycat.
+the Haunted Maize.
+Orange neon Hooters tree whose blue neon cousin hangs out in CY now.
+15 year old costumeless trickertreaters.
+kids skating the FedEx Forum entrance.
+Hitchikers Dance Guide.
+70's and sunny


-Ellen/The View tractor beam rendering me unable to go record shopping at either Shangri-La or Goner Records and being like 'oh I wanna go buy the new Animal Collective and Goner's close by but I bet Goner doesn't have it so I should go to Shangri-La but then I'd feel all weird like I should at least go to Goner and pay some respect to the junctionbox that digests my flimsy paid-by-the-hour whims and repartee but still Shangri-La is responsible for the bulk of my post Columbia House record collection up to 2000...yeah that's what I'll do...but wait Ellen's doing such a crazy dance and Jimmy Smitt's is looking awfully smart in that dark suit...aw man fuck it now the View's on' where's the # for Domino's.
-Tim Van Horn.
Posted: Nov 4, 2005 5:57 pm
clear and concise. you got it.
Posted: Nov 4, 2005 6:20 pm
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