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eric o
Posted: Oct 26, 2002 4:45 am

well, not so new, but you didn't know about 'em... so they're NEW all over again!

in the midst of moving i haven't had a chance to get all the stuff out on the sales floor but here it is, feel free to order any and or all. please email to make sure i have copies of other stuff on the sale page- it's all moving!

LOST SOUNDS Rats Brains & MicroChips lp/cd (Empty) New psycho-technological symphonic future-rock from Memphis' favorite lost in space punks. Lp 9.00 ppd / CD 12.00 ppd

LOST SOUNDS "1+1=Nothing" 7" ep (Empty)
Great single back in stock 4.00 ppd

and also have memphis is dead lp/cd in stock, and black wave dbl lp/cd in stock... get lost sounds here!

BLACK LIPS Freakout 7" ep (Electric Human Project)
Another freakin' great record from these Atlanta no-goodniks... this sounds more like a buncha kids jammin in the garage than most any 60s or neo-60s style garage band out there... punk and sloppy and no do-gooder smiley-garage style points! i'm outta the 1st 7", so grab this one if you're curious... 4.00 ppd

MYSTERY GIRLS cds back in! 10.00 ppd

GHETTO WAYS 7" back in! 4.00 ppd - it's a ROCKER in the New York Groove!

Personal Space Invader +3 7" ep (Estrus) clear vinyl 4.00 ppd
Stranded +3 7" ep (Big Neck) 4.00 ppd
No More / Bye Bye Bye 7" (Goodbye Boozy, Italy) 5.00 ppd
-lots of nasty midwest chunk-punk from Mistreaters! Stock up for the winter!

COOL JERKS Cleaned A Lot Of Plates In Memphis Lp (Sympathy)
Jack Yarber + 2 Neckbones+ Scott Rogers! Black wax! lp 8.00 cd 12.00

AMERICAN DEATH RAY Smashed Radio Hits lp (Misprint)
finally got it in on vinyl!!! Better art than on the cd... printed inner sleeve, great! 9.00 ppd

oh yeah, those limited to 100 cds are coming in again, soon, second batch of 100- and the best death ray musique yet!

JACK OBLIVIAN So Low lp (Sympathy)
Great lp from a few years back that mixes moody stuff with rockers, great atmosphere. "I'm going downtown!" 9.00 ppd

Messy one-shot that's got its moments... nice pic of susan shepard the mechanic on the cover might make it worthwhile! 9.00 ppd

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