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eric o
Posted: Sep 5, 2002 1:21 am
yep, got more goodies to scorf!

LOST SOUNDS Memphis is Dead lp & cd each 9.00 ppd

also BANTAM ROOSTER Mexican Leather 7" 4.00 ppd


Grab Them Cakes lp (Big Neck) 9.00 ppd / cd 12.00 ppd
No More / Bye Bye Bye (Wallace Bros covers- italian import on Goodbye Boozy) 7" 5.00 ppd
Personal Space Invader 7" ep (Estrus- clear wax) 4.50 ppd

Posted: Sep 18, 2002 9:41 pm
BR's Mexican Leather is DEF!!! Everytime I spin it at a party people ask what's this so grosp it!
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