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eric o
Posted: Aug 16, 2002 7:39 am
FINALLY got the old G3 kickin' again... don't ask. just in time to list some new stuff:

REIGNING SOUND Time Bomb High School
New One from Greg & the gang, semi-more rockin' than the last lp 9.00 ppd / cd 14.00 ppd

DM BOB & DEFICITS "Band's Ruin" lp/ cd (fanboy, germany)- another brilliant swamp-pop junk blues record from DM Bob (who IS from new orleans, not fakin' europeans- no offense to the dixie buzzards!)... cover's a great Kozik take-off- this was supposed to come out on Man's Ruin but never did.... lp or cd 12.00 ppd

Yer Last Record (new!) 14.00 ppd
Refried Dreams lp 9.00 / cd 14.00 ppd
Don't Like You lp 9.00 / cd 14.00 ppd
Whiskey cd 14.00 ppd
Forgive Thee double cd! 14.00

COUNTRY TEASERS Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebelled Empire dbl lp 18.00 ppd / cd 14.00 ppd

RL BURNSIDE Too Bad Jim lp 9.00 / cd 16.00
T MODEL FORD Pee-Wee Get My Gun lp 9.00 / cd 16.00
JUNIOR KIMBROUGH Sad Days Lonely Nights cd 16.00 ppd
ELMO WILLIAMS & HEZEKIAH EARLY Takes One To Know One lp 9.00 ppd
-all essential modern Holly Springs sound... the Elmo Williams record is RAW, baby- great guitar sounds ala Hound Dog Taylor but MEAN!

"Bat Chain Puller" tapes from Don Van Vliet's own stash! 16.00 ppd

ERASE ERRATA / NUMBERS split 3" cd (Tigerbeat6)
Angular spazz wave rarity! Will it play in your cd player? It's Neosporinific! 8.00 ppd

More updates coming...but there's 30,000 elvis nuts outside... i gotta go.


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