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Posted: Apr 5, 2005 7:14 pm
you guys have any persuaders stuff? i just got the full length and cant stop listening to it.
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 1:28 am
Yeah, I was the same way when I first got that LP. It didn't leave my turntable for a month. It took me forever to track down there other stuff, everything they put out is good, especially the first two 7"s. If you're interested, I'll tape them off for you.
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 1:00 pm
that would be sweet. email me, 64wildcat@gmail.com and i can send you a list of 7's i could tape and send your way. my tape deck is down for a few more days though, gotta get that thing fixed!
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 2:42 pm
Lp is great, we are hoping to get that back in. The two 7"s jeff's talking about are amazing and out of print. The split w/ the blacks is pretty good too - we have some copies of that coming across the sea soon...
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 4:51 pm
I got one of the first press copies with the black sleeve and white pasted on cover. Any body wanna trade? 16 already gots the reg. version so I can live without it.
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 5:32 pm
i probably dont have much you would like, but i'll send you a list of stuff when i get home tonight. got an email?
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 6:27 pm
in my profile, jr.
Posted: Apr 6, 2005 8:51 pm
one of my seven inches came with a bad ass persuaders sticker. ROCK
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