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Posted: Mar 6, 2005 1:33 am | Edited by: zac
Just in at the Goner shop:

BBQ – TIE YOUR NOOSE (Bomp) – Mark Sultan stripped down one man good time hour. When the songs are this good, why cover it up? LP 9.99 CD 15.99

DIRTBOMBS vs KING KHAN AND HIS SHRINES – BILLIARDS AT NINE THIRTY (Sounds of Subterrania! – Germany) – Battle royal of soul garage kings from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Guess who wins. LP 19.99

LAMPS – s/t (ITR) – if you haven’t heard yet – check out the thread in ????... bone snapping gorilla rock from monty and crew. LP 9.99

VOLT – s/t (ITR) – new four song 12” from Lili and Jack from France that picks up where the last one left off… Like a controlled screamers or keyboardy metal urbain. Sleazy cover. LP 7.99

NATURAL KICKS – s/t (miz kafrin) – Chuck Berry/Bo Diddley style rock done right from Memphis. Ron Franklin’s latest w/ Jack Oblivian on drums. LP 10.50

KRUNCHIES – IN DE WINKEL (Criminal IQ) – Cool yellow cover. Cool yellow vinyl. Highly anticipated follow up to last year’s debut seven inch. Fast and frantic samoans style punk. Rock. LP 8.99

ALUMINUM KNOT EYE – TRUNK LUNKER (Dead beat/TrickKnee) – Tortured, manic rock trip to wisconsin with a fish-headed stripper For fans of electric eels and piranhas, among others. LP 9.99 CD 12.99

GREG ASHLEY – MEDICINE FUCK DREAM (Birdman) Gris Gris leader’s solo outing. CD13.99

MIRRORS – s/t CD (Birdman) Pre-Gris Gris. Already headed in that direction, just not so developed. $13.99 CD

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS (Chapter - Australia) – Kinda screamers w/ guitar, kinda like early swell maps? Maybe? Legendary late 70s/early 80s keyboard and guitar DIY experiments from Australia. CD $18.99

CAMBODIAN ROCKS VOLUME 1, 2 and 3 (Khmer Rocks) Not the original Cambodian Rocks, this series sprouted up last year. Volume three is new, 1 and 2 just repressed. Cambodian psych from the early 70s. Great notes. CD $17.99 each

MELVIN DAVIS – HIS GREATEST RECORDINGS (Rock Mill – UK) Raw soul demos from the man who wrote JJ Barnes’ ‘Chains of Love,’ which the dirtbombs covered. And the Darrell Banks Volt single. Original version of each plus much more on here. Guitar slams, drums pound. Comprehensive notes. CD $14.99

IN THE SNAKEPIT (no label – UK) Whoa! Raw soul instrumentals from the Motown rhythm section. Including count offs, yells, scratch vocals, tons of stuff we were never supposed to hear. Even the hits rip. Great liner notes on this one too. CD $14.99

Legendary British folk psych album from 1970 gets royal treatment in reissue. CD 14.99


Functional Blackouts LP – 8.99
VeeDee LP – 8.99
Dirges 7” – 3.99
Mouserocket 7” (Wrecked em) – 3.99
South Filthy 7” (Wrecked em) – 3.99
Carbonas 7” (Die slaughterhaus) – 4.25
Carbonas 7” (Frothing) 7” – 3.99
MOTO kill moto CD – 12.99
Die Rotzz 7” (Die slaughterhaus) – 4.25
Jack O and Tennessee Tearjerkers LP – 9.99
Final Solutions 7” (Shit sandwich) - 3.99
Final Solutions LP (misprint) – 7.99
Posted: Mar 6, 2005 3:22 pm
I got an extra copy of the Christopher Milk LP (Chainsaw, before they moved from Los Angeles to Nashville). It is "good." Wanna trade for a Primi Calculators CD?
Posted: Mar 19, 2005 12:02 am
I heard that milk smells a little funny.
Posted: Mar 19, 2005 5:48 am
more new stuff in! sores, feelers lp, etc etc etc

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