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Posted: Mar 2, 2005 1:07 am

GRIEFS Whenever You're Around 7" (Spoonful) 3.99
great pop-garage 45 from Ohio... touted by jeremy & greg from reigning sound, we finally got copies!

DC SNIPERS / SHOP FRONTS split 7" (Your Permanent Records) 3.50
NYC rockers finally make it to wax and tear up the joints. Featuring "Richard Speck Prison Video"!!!!!

DIE ROTZZ 7" (Die Slaughterhaus) 4.50
Restock on classsic New Orleans punk trio. TUGBOAT!

CARBONAS I'm A Stray 7" (Die Slaughterhaus) 4.50
Restock on Atlanta's Paganesque punkers!

FATALS Slave My Soul 7" (Yakisakana, FR) 4.99
Last copies of French brutal garage punk rippers... here's what Terminal Boredom boasted about it...

"Slave My Soul" is The Fatals most damaging and violent song yet. It reminds me of Unsane's "Streetsweeper" slowed down or reversed or something, it's that fucking heavy and dense. Their perfect marriage of blown-fi recording and great trash-punk songwriting is what people are nuts for, but I think they have a bunch of little tricks up their sleeve as well, like the aforementiond Unsane swipe (whether intentional or not), or the way "I Wanna Dance" kind of ack-ack-acks along proving that they are more than just an average garage-rock band being carried by the rawest of production. A great record easily on par with their debut, and it smells great and sounds even better. 500 copies, already sold out.(RK)
Another loud, rude, fucked-up single from France's favorite garage-punk do-gooders. Similar to the debut, but the songwriting here ain't as keen. All-out noise attack's still intact, though -- think the Oblivians, but more punked-out and frantic, or maybe even the Dwarves circa "Free Cocaine." So, really, the ride's almost as fun and still worthwhile. Standard cool Yakisakana packaging, too. (EL)
Good God DAMN does this shit sound great!!! Seriously, I think the Fatals have taken the trash rock aesthetic to a whole new apex of awesomeness. Tricknee (I think it was him) was expressing some doubts over on the message board as to whether or not the Fatals would sound good with “normal” production, to which I answer a simple: who gives a fuck? Since the records do have the most perfect blown out production I’ve heard in ages, I could care less about what they would sound like if they recorded at Ghetto Recorders or something. But the production is only part of the puzzle as to what makes the Fatals so bedazzling, beguiling, and balls-out bombastic. “Slave My Soul” does just what the title says thanks to a punishing riff and bone-crushing beat. Yow. The next song, “Need a Bitch” is more of a slow burner, which is appropriate since from the title one would assume it’s about a blues we’ve all had on one occasion or another. Side B opens with a plodding slower-that-mid-tempo tune that almost made the word “rawk” pop into my head for a minute. It’s redeemed however thanks to its primal execution and great intrumental meltdown. “I Wanna Dance” is another slice of the desperate, (likely) drug-addled, fast paced dementia that I’m coming to expect from the Fatals. Slave your soul…I don’t know about that, but I would recommend doing everything short of selling your soul in order to get your hand on this already out of print gem.(SS)

SUSPICIONS We're All Wrong / Memory 7" (Nerve Wracking) 3.99
Terminal Boredom said they sorta recall The Trend and write some catchy-ass tunes roughed up by dirty production and perfectly-sloppy musicianship... and Reminiscent of the Lids or Tie Reds in it's simplicity and endearing near-ineptitude, but way more power-pop than either of those bands. This isn't going to come roaring off the vinyl and grab you by the collar. It will just melt into your ears and make you wish you had a whole LP worth of the same. For awhile I thought the B side ("Memory") was the winner here, but after a few dozen listens I'm now convinced the A side is just as sweet. Handclaps, harmonies, great girl vox, it's all here. Instantly likable and a lot of fun, and one of my faves of the year."(RK) Nice, reminds me more of the Bobbyteens, and it's not nearly as inept as you'd think from the above review...

JEFFREY NOVAK ONE MAN BAND Stranded + 3 7" (Yakisakana, FR) 4.99
Restock of Novak's great debut, not long for this world...

LUCERO / LOGGIA split 7" (Soul Is Cheap) 3.99
Memphis punk favorites Lucero teamed with alterno-arters Loggia... indie memphis is alive.

did you get the TEARJERKERS new record yet? we got it on cd, too. 8.00 lp, 13 buck for the cd. a classic.

NATURAL KICKS lp (Miz Cafrin) 10.50
Latest from Ron Franklin (currently hot lead guitarist in Jeff Evans' Memphis Roadmasters band), featuring Jack Yarber & Ilene Markel. Recorded at Royal Studios where all the Hi Records hits were created. Rock/ R&B fungo hit to the early outfield... not quite a slam off the big muddy, but solid Memphis and not like everybody else.

SONS OF CYRUS Rock & Rollercoaster cd (Big Brothel, Sweden) 14.99
Great, big Swedish garage/powerpop "informed" by Radio Birdman/MC5 - not Hellacoptered out, more "Shakin' Street" than "Kick Out The Jams." Plus, Alicja sings one song and it's perfect. If you don't like production, you won't like this record, but it's got hooks and sounds great. Poppers unite!

DEMON'S CLAWS lp (PTrash, Germany) 10.50
Great swampy Scat Rag Boosters stagger from Montreal... touring soon!

BLACK LIPS{/b] Live on WFMU lp (Dusty Medical) 14.99
restock on great chaotic Black Lips radio show show.

more in stock and more more coming... if in doubt, email gonerrecords@bellsouth.net or call (901) 722-0095.

remember, please email to reserve and for shipping prices.

Posted: Mar 2, 2005 1:16 am
that SONS OF CYRUS is sounding like the damn TESTORS to me right now... damn!
Posted: Mar 2, 2005 2:34 pm

LUCERO / LOGGIA split 7" (Soul Is Cheap) 3.99
Memphis punk favorites Lucero teamed with alterno-arters Loggia... indie memphis is alive.

If you call Lucero punk, could I classify Kelly Clarkson as grindcore?
Posted: Mar 2, 2005 2:56 pm
i love that first sons of cyrus record. totally great.
Posted: Mar 2, 2005 10:41 pm
The singer from Lucero sounds bad enough.... punk is pretty charitable.
Posted: Mar 3, 2005 12:37 am
Hey guys, that line was dripping with sarcasm.
Posted: Mar 3, 2005 3:40 am
what's sarcasm?
Posted: Mar 3, 2005 1:08 pm
Lucero are great, whaddyall complainin' bout?!?!? Some guy I usedta work with reckoned Ben had the "worst fucking vocie I have ever heard", whatta prick ... Looking forward to hearin' the Natural Kicks ...
Posted: Mar 3, 2005 3:12 pm
Man, that Carbonas "frothing at the mouth" single -fucking "Bonus" is great! Only 200 pressed though. Fuck anybody calling them crap-metal...
Posted: Mar 3, 2005 3:35 pm | Edited by: zac
yeah - definitely dig that carbonas single. they seem to be pointed in the right direction.

natural kicks record's a good time - complete stripped down rockin chuck berry/bo diddley style.

eric's in hawaii so I'm gonerin solo - hang with us! i'll post a list of new arrivals up tonight - some cool stuff just in...
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