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Posted: Jun 30, 2010 11:19 am | Edited by: brimstonehowl
Our friends at Rainy Road Records have made a very limited run of cassettes for us. It is a singles collection that includes all of our out of print 45s, an unreleased track and a code for digital download. This is limited to 100 copies and it is only 5 bucks!

Order now at:


Also, if you have not yet ordered Big Deal. What's He Done Lately? Now is the time.
Recorded in Costa Mesa at the legendary Distillery. It's a journey into regression. Blown out and stripped down. I forgot how to play guitar during this time.

Order now from the Bomp Store:


Here is what Terminal Boredom had to say:

Brimstone Howl "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" LP/CD
Albeit smellin' like hay straight from the horse's mouth, Brimstone Howl is nearly as accessible as Springsteen, who they've more in common with in song and lyric than just about anyone. And it's to their advantage. While their previous LP "We Came In Peace" was of the same general formula, it felt more like an introspective riverfront stroll after a nostalgia-binge of a weekend reminiscing of aspects of years passed that don't really ring so pertinent nowadays despite their previously paradisiacal stature huge-sounding ballads of lost friends and good times thankfully behind you. This album is the step out of melancholic mental-dwadling the emphatic triumph of rock 'n roll, not merely as an outlet for said sweet-sour emotional excess but as not even a century-old tradition in the making. A real fuckin' doozy. This platter's opening warbled-to-the-cosmos fuzz is the sonic depiction of that photo of Iggy doing the upside-down arch. It's the stream of kerosene Abner's family was expelled from the county for in Barn Burning. It's a song about drinking daddy's wine and it's a 'Howl-patented mid-tempo chugger with enough balls to impregnate every farmer's daughter in town. "M-60," an early single, may have an inappropriate number a' sass-dollops for the farmer's market folk who don't mind a little bit of spice sometimes, but this has a kick. Adds a towering but simultaneously violent production to their "Guts of Steel" era high-strung songwriting. "Easter at the Lewises" does hayseed-swagger how it oughta' be with moonshine cavities and biomass on the overalls instead of a lapsteel ride to the southern-metro yuppie cocktail joint. "Everybody Else Is Having Fun" makes me think of courageous gin-fuelled street-roaming nights and it's a hell of a lot more memorable than the details of those nocturnal excursions. "Suicide Blues" sounds just as it should not like a blues song. Recognize. "Final Dispatch" might be their most impressive melancholy heart-wrencher-of-a-composition yet. "A Friend of Mine" is an emotive folk chord progression that Guthrie and Dylan would approve of. I like to imagine some trailorboy upset over his sister's other love interests, drooling into the creases of Gone With The Wind and propelling a hoe's handle into his nose. Our epoch is full of cartoons, but this episode happens to smoke the rest. I could go on, but I won't. Good tunes like these oughta' be felt more than yapped about. Another intimate peak into the American heartland via stellar cornfed rock 'n roll. Amen. (BG)
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Posted: Aug 19, 2010 9:42 pm
me too
Posted: Dec 10, 2010 12:00 am
Re-issues of the cassette are OUT NOW on Rainy Road Records!! 25 hand-numbered copies on red cassette!! Buy here:

Also download for FREE during FREE DOWNLOAD DECEMBER!! Free downloads of all our our releases during the month of December!
Brimtone Howl-Singles Collection:
Watching the Train Wreck, The Shanks:

Hey Nanne can we get a sweet revue of the 'Serve Very Loud' 7"?
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