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eric o
Posted: Feb 6, 2005 1:49 am
3 tracks of Masterful shark baiting from helicopters above the Mississippi. In a lightning storm. Oblivian Eric + Jenny Jeansers Talbot Adams & Scott Rogers + Punk Rock Pat= Radioactive!

JOHNNY VOMIT "Thanks For The Ride!" 7" 3.99
-insanity from Jack Yarber, Jimbo Mathus, and Johnny Vomit! The hit of the Goner Fest!

the KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW lp/cd and the KING LOUIE ONE MAN BAND Chinese Crawfish lp/cd limited advance editions are goners. Official release slated for early March.

JACK O & THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS Don't Throw Your Love Away lp (Sympathy)8.99
-new from Jack Yarber... from moody Stonesers to Tom Waits growlers to insane rockers. Total Jack!

email to reserve... prices do not include postage. thanks!

eric o
Posted: Feb 6, 2005 4:07 am
GONER FEST T-shirts still available!
-Goner Girl design w/dates, black and red on baby blue shirt. S, M, L Hanes 50/50 shirts.

GONER FEST posters still available!
-Goner Girl w/all bands and events, great original hand-screened print on heavy cardstock... 10" wide by 23" tall

KING KHAN poster 16" tall x 23" wide
Cool red/blue fake yen note with Khan's face in the middle, backed by some no-counts i expect are his Shrines. nice glossy poster.


more stuff just in the door:

REATARDS Monster Child 7" (Zaxxon Virile Action) 4.25
-more old and new (?!?) stuff from Jay. Amazing as always. 4 tracks.

JEFFREY NOVAK One Man Band Down+ 3 7" (A Fistful Of Records, Spain) 4.99
-#rd edition of 250? really fast, rockin one man attack from Henderson's least favorite son. "No Thanks to the people of Henderson, TN. I never liked playing there anyway." This really scoots.

NIGHT TERRORS Feel Me 7" (Perpetrator, NZ) 4.99
-Kevin Mistreater & Tony from Sagger rock it big and burly-like!

DIRTBOMBS Merit / Mystified (Version) 7" (Kapow) 4.75
-Mick Collins and co crank out some more, and go dubbbbbby on the b-side.

SEVENTEEN Don't Let Go / Bank Holiday Weekend 7" (Vinyl Japan) 4.99
Power pop! sound the pre-Alarm!

MIDNIGHT TRAMP I'm Back 7" ep (Zaxxon Virile Action) 4.25
-French power poppers...

BLACKS Blacksnake 7" ep (Zaxxon Virile Action) 4.25
more from the Swedish wunderkids, all out ramalama as usual.

KIDNAPPERS "Spanish Girls" 7" (Zaxxon Virile Action) 4.25
-great revved up but hooky gems from youngish german kids... ex-High School Rockers. The German Firestarter... but tougher!
THEE FLYING DUTCH MEN Thee Caveman Sessions lp (Boom Boom) 11.99
AMAZING SPIDER MEN "Belly Shakin Baby" + 3 7" (Boom Boom) 4.50
THEE FLYING DUTCH MEN Live Devil's Club 7" ep (Boom Boom) 4.50
THEE FLYING DUTCH MEN "I Make You Beg" 7" ep (Boom Boom) 4.50
-chaotic basement bashing from the latest in Mummies garage mode... the budget trash rock aesthetic perfectly done- great covers, type, trashcan sound, and screw-ups.

BOOM BOOM STAG PARTY vol 1 vhs video 14.99
BOOM BOOM STAG PARTY vol 2 vhs video
-haven't peeped in on these yet...
on Vol 1: Ian & The Barnetts, The Zombie V, Rock & Roll Adventure Kids, Thee Flying Dutchmen, The Amazing Spider Men
on Vol 2: The Husbands, Thee Flying Dutchmen, Harold Ray, The Okmoniks, The Mothballs.

EUNUCHS Revved Up YOuth On A Thrill-Rampage! lp (Sack-o-Shit) 8.99
-copies from some closet reappear of Jackson, TN's favorite rockin punk sons... with Carey on vocals, Jason on guitar, and special guest Jay Reatard on "You Must Hate Yourself." Great and they were fantastic at the Goner Fest, too!

ATOMIC BRAINS "Chains" +3 7" (Blahhhhl) 3.99
-great clean "garage" from Jackson, TN, on Jason from The Eunuchs' label that put out the Reatards "Get Out Of Our Way" 7" a few years back. Not trash, not spazz. Rock.

MYSTERY GIRLS "3/5 Of A Mile" / "Mr Thompson" 7" (Cass) 4.99
- "3/5 Of A Mile" stuck in my head for days after I saw 'em last. Almost as good as watching 'em freak out at the Othar Turner family picnic...

SCRIPTS 7" (Jeth-Row) 3.99
-restock on juicy N.O. garage with Chad from KAJUN SS.

MONKS Love Can Tame The Wild / He Went Down to The Sea lp ("Polydor" reissue) 5.99
-full color pic sleeve of Monks' single, with our shaved-headed heroes in a field of ferns!

SPLASH FOUR Funbangers ep 7" (Royal, FR) 5.99
-back before Volt there ruled the Splash Four, french punk done right- here they cover the Boys' "Living In The City" and it fits right in with the rest of their songs. Last copies?

BUFF MEDWAYS Into Your Dreams / Highway Chile 7" (Vinyl Japan) 4.99
-Childish's power garage/Hendrix 68-styled attack continues! Great!

GUITAR WOLF Love Rock lp/cd (Narnack) lp 10.99 / cd 12.99
Latest from Memphis' favorite Tokyo Rockers... some slower songs, still scuzzed and rockin'. Lp is a limited edition die-cut cover with gold vinyl.

GUITAR WOLF Rock n Roll Etiquette cd (Narnack) 10.99
-cheap copies of this great record, including "God Speed You," "Hot Air Jiro," "Murder By Rock," and a cover of the Royal Pendletons' "Sore Loser." Really!!!!

GUITAR WOLF UFO Romantics cd (Narnack) 12.99
-yes! featuring "Zaaaa Zaaaa Asphalt!!!!" Coming to tour the US!!!

v/a SPRINGTIME IN BELSON[/b] lp (Sadist) 18.99
-restock of one of the best Killed by Death-style comps ever!

BLACK TIME Blackout lp (Concrete Life, UK) 12.99
-great noisy garage from London, often compared to creepy Pussy Galore/Hunches scree... sellin' like a hot cake on a hot griddle... with butter on it.


email to reserve! gonerrecords@bellsouth.net

prices do not include postage.

Posted: Feb 14, 2005 11:37 pm
Goner Peeps!
Please call me at Rocks Off 504-895-9513
or email rocksoffrpm@yahoo.com
We need these 7"s!
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