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eric o
Posted: Dec 11, 2004 12:05 am
A PILE of stuff fell into the store over the past few days, we’re gonna try to get it up on the site so you can grab it… anything you are after, let us know NOW and we’ll let you know if we can order it in time to get it to you for xmas/ kwanzaa / etc

where to start... ???


ANDRE WILLIAMS Poor Mr Santa 7” (Norton) 3.99
-naughty & nice versions!!!! Hide the kids!

5678s Rock n Roll Santa / Harlem Shuffle 7” (Norton) 3.99
-great sleeve with our favorite girls in holiday mode!

HASIL ADKINS Santa Claus Boogie / Blue Christmas 7” (Norton) 3.99
-have a wild wild Christmas with the original WILD MAN!!!!

RUDY RAY MOORE This Ain’t No White Christmas lp (Norton) 9.99
- Rudy Ray gets nasty for the holidays!!!!

MARVIN SEASE It’s Christmas Time lp (London) 4.99
-smooth modern soul/funk including his chrismas greeting! 5 songs, used… M-



-amazing “back in the day” hip hop tv show that got a limited run- complete time capsule. With Run DMC, Treacherous 3, Kool Moe Dee, DJ Jazzy Jay, and a young Vincent Gallo hanging out as “Prince Vince.” Tons of great breakdancing.

MR SHOW: Complete 4th Season 2 dvd (HBO) 34.99
-much better stuff than the previous 3rd season.

UNDERTONES Teenage Kicks dvd (Sanctuary, UK) 21.99
-fantastic stuff with John Peel interviewing Feargal Sharkey & the rest of the Undertones about their history, visiting where they shot videos, and showing clips from Top Of The Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test. Amazing stuff, makes you love John Peel as much as the Undertones.




CHARLIE FEATHERS Corine, Corrina/ Runnin’ Around 7” (Norton) 3.99
-1956 Sun Records demos

CHARLIE FEATHERS & JODY CHASTAIN Jungle Fever 7” ep (Norton) 3.99
-original KAY recordings… classic Memphis billy!

KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS Connection / WILDEBEESTS Please Go Home 7” (Norton) 3.99
-Rolling Stones covers

OSCARS Death To America 7” ep (Bootleg Records) 3.99
-Memphis punk rock!

REIGNING SOUND “I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys” / HENTCHMEN “Surprise Surprise” 7” (Norton) 3.99
-Rolling Stone covers…

REIGNING SOUND xmas singles are coming back in – email to reserve!

RAY SCOTT & THE DEMENS Say Anything But Not Goodbye / You Drive Me Crazy 7” (Satellite, repro) 3.99


JOHNNY BURNETTE Crazy Date: Rock n Roll Demos Vol 1 lp (Norton) 8.99
JOHNNY BURNETTE Wampus Cat Rock n Roll Demos Vol 2 lp (Norton) 8.99
-post Rock n Roll Trio raw demos
CHARLIE FEATHERS Tip Top Daddy lp (Norton) 8.99
CHARLIE FEATHERS Uh Huh Honey lp (Norton) 8.99


AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC New Commotion, A Different Tension cd (Transsolar, Germany) 12.99
-German issue with 2 bonus tracks! Only got 2 left!

BELLA SUN No Crystal Stair cd (Bella Sun) 14.99
-Memphis neo-soul who’ve played with Jeffrey Evans & are on the way up!

BIG STAR Sisters/Lovers cd (Ryko) 13.99
-lp plus bonus tracks, 19 tracks total.

ALEX CHILTON Lost Decade dbl cd (New Rose, FR) 16.99
-first cd has Chilton’s stuff- “Bangkok,” “Free Again,” “Take Me Home & Make Me Like It,” etc and second has stuff he produced by Larry Davis, Sugar Blues, Scott Adams, and Grady Whitehead, from his “lost” period out of the public eye.
ALEX CHILTON Bach’s Bottom cd (Razor & Tie) 12.99
-More from the “lost” period… alternate versions and different takes from the stuff on the LOST DECADE cd. Great.

JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON Free Beer Tomorrow cd (Artemis) 18.99
-latest from the legendary Dickinson!

CHARLIE FEATHERS Tip Top Daddy cd (Norton) 14.99
-accoustic demos 1958-73

LOST SOUNDS s/t cd (In The Red) 11.99

DON McGREGOR Live cd (Whopperjawed) 14.99
-Local folk blues

VENDING MACHINE Kicked & Scratched cdr (self-released) 9.99
-latest from Robbie Grant- also in Mouserocket- indie rocking.




MIGHTY HANNIBAL Hannibalism! cd (Norton) 14.99
-great acid soul from Hannibal- psychedelic Viet Nam era stuff just KILLS me. Love it!

TOM and JERRY-O Boo-ga-loo cd (Boogaloo) 19.99
-comp of these genius boogaloo soul tracks. Ungawa!

v/a JUST SHUCKIN AROUND: Wild & Crazy L.A. R & B 1953-1963 cd (Panic) 15.99
-24 Rhythm & Blues numbers including Little Freddie & Don’s “Too Fat,” Slim Henry’s “Just Shuckin’ Around,” Gil Bernal’s “The Whip,” and more more more! Great booklet has drool-inducing photos of 50s black record stores… yow!

v/a PASS THE SOUL Vol 2 cd (???) 15.99
-GREAT soul/funk comp that never lets up. Warning to Moms- nudity on cover!

v/a ETHIOPIQUES Vol 3 Golden Age of Ethiopian Music 1969-75 cd (Buda) 16.99
-funk & pop from Ethiopia... cool stuff and a great gift for the more worldly on your list.

v/a ETHIOPIQUES vol 4 Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentals 1966-74 cd (Buda) 16.99
-all instrumental madness from Ethiopia during their "golden age" of pop...




CADETS Greatest Hits lp (Relic) 8.99
-great comp with Stranded In The Jungle, Love Bandit, tons more tough stuff! 23 songs!

ESQUERITA s/t lp (Capitol) 12.99
-Esquerita’s 1959 screamer! What a look!

FALCONS I Found A Love lp (Lu Pine) 8.99
FALCONS You’re So Fine lp (Flick) 8.99
-classic Detroit soul- with Mack Rice, Joe Stubbs, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett…

FALCONS Soul Of The Falcons lp (Relic/Lu Pine) 8.99
-Lu Pine Best Of lp! 16 tracks.

-great raw rockin blues from swami Mr Kirkland- still rockin it today! Mr Bo & Ohio Untouchables are great, too!

MIGHTY IMPERIALS Thunder Chicken lp (Dap-Tone) 15.99
-great greasy funk that’s got the solid 60s JBs/etc beat…

v/a DETROIT GIRL GROUPS:The Early Years lp (Lu Pine) 9.99
-pre Detroit Cobras even! Kittens, Primettes, La Dolls, Corvells, Conquerors, Satin Angels, more!

-16 mystery tracks from mystery ladies…

v/a Golden Groups vol 21: Best Of Lu Pine lp (Relic) 8.99

v/a STOMPIN Vol 6 lp (Stompin) 10.99
-with T VALENTINE!!!!!
v/a STOMPIN Vol 26 lp (Stompin) 10.99
-more blues/r&b stompers!!!
v/a STOMPIN vol 27: The Sixties Sounds lp (Stompin) 10.99
-bit more boogaloo in the mix on this one!


LOUVIN BROTHERS Satan Is Real cd (Capitol)
-great country gospel harmonies- cover is the brothers in front of a giant burning Satan- text about the photo shoot was bastardized for the Gibson Bros “Man Who Loved Couch Dancing!”

JERRY “Boogie” McCAIN The Jig’s Up: Complete 50s Recordings cd (Blizzard, Germany?) 19.99
-includes Excello sides and a bunch of the RAW living room recordings that completely destroy reality. Also available on Norton 45s (in stock now!)

-no info on disc, but some great tracks from Joe Hill Louis, Eddie Burns, Sonny Boy Williams, Albert & Charles (“Weird!”), Freddie King, and more. 24 tracks.

v/a STOMPIN #1 cd (Stompin) 16.99
-tracks not corresponding to the vinyl series, 20 down and dirty crazed R&B pounders including tracks by Little Willie Jackson, The Del Rays, Roy Wright, King Perry, and of course Boogaloo And His Gallant Crew’s “Talk About A Party!”




5678s “19th Nervous Breakdown” / CHURCH KEYS “Who’s Driving Your Plane” 7” (Norton) 3.99
QUESTION MARK & MYSTERIANS “Empty Heart” / DEXTER ROMWEBER DUO “Heart of Stone” 7” (Norton) 3.99
LITTLE KILLER “Think” / DARTFORD RENEGADES “Off The Hook” 7” (Norton) 3.99
REIGNING SOUND “I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys” / HENTCHMEN “Surprise Surprise” 7” (Norton) 3.99
KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS Connection / WILDEBEESTS Please Go Home 7” (Norton) 3.99

HASIL ADKINS Chicken Shake / She’s Mine 7” (Norton) 3.99
-great tunes, great sleeve with pics (60s?) of Hasil on a motorsickle on the front, Hasil with young lady on the back… Chicken Shake!

HASIL ADKINS Big Red Satellite / Ellen Marie 7” (Norton) 3.99
HASIL ADKINS Sally Wally Woody Waddy Weedy Wally / Miami Kiss 7” (Norton) 3.99
HASIL ADKINS Haze’s House Party 7” ep (Norton) 3.99
-“Sex Crazy Baby” “Do The Hot Pants With Me,” and the wildest “She’ll Be Comin Round The Mountain” ever!

RANDY ALVEY & THE GREEN FUZ Green Fuz / There Is A Land 7” (Norton) 3.99
-quite possibly the greatest song ever, fully documented by Phil Milstein on the sleeve!!!! Fuz-green vinyl, too!

ARTESIANS Trick Bag / WOODY CARR & THE EL CAMINOS My Woman 7” (Norton) 3.99
-insane version of Earl Hooker’s “Trick Bag”!!!! Northwest garage/R&B!!!!

BIRDS 7” ep (Decca repro) 5.99
-great Ron Wood pre-Stones action with “No Good Without You Baby,” How Can It Be,” “Leaving Here,” “Next In Line.”

CHANCELLORS On Tour / Route 66 7” (Norton) 3.99
-Back from the Grave classic..

DON COVAY Pretty Boy Rock n Roll 7” ep (Norton) 3.99
-Don Covay in full-on Little Richard blazing madness!

CREATIONS To Whom It May Concern 7” (Norton) 3.99
-mystery group from North Carolina- great teen garage.

WADE CURTISS Puddy Cat (Mama Meow-Mow) / Real Cool 7” (Norton) 3.99
-The answer to Surfin Bird! The Bird is NOT the word! WILD!!!

DICTATORS Who Will Save Rock N Roll? 7” (Norton) 3.99
-essential anthem!

DR SPEC’S OPTICAL ILLUSION Tryin To Mess My Mind / She’s The One 7” (Crypt) 4.99
-amazing tough fuzz 60s New Orleans garage- full color sleeve, with liner notes & photos….

THE EVIL / MONTELLS I’m Movin On / You Can’t Make Me 7” (Norton) 3.99
-Back From The Grave classics

FLAKES Jerk Store / Good Good Lovin 7” (Screamin Apple, GER) 7.49

GIRLS Chico’s Girl / WHYTE BOOTS Nightmare 7” (Lauper Death) 3.99
-“Chico’s Girl” is one of the all-time best tough Shangri-la’s style girl anthems…

GUN CLUB Walking With The Beast / Secret Fires 7” (Sympathy) 4.99
-restock on alternate version of the a-side

INCREDIBLE KINGS “The Limp” / ELEGANTS “Ooh Pah Pah Doo” 7” (Norton)
-1964 Northwest garage/soul rippers- insanely fast R&B featuring future Moby Grape Jerry Miller


-all killer classic Nederbeat!

OUTSIDERS You Mistreat Me + 3 7” ep (Relax, repro) 5.99
-w/ “I Love Her Still I Always Will” – covered by the Lyres.

Q65 Amsterdam Record Fair 7” ep (Monkey Business, repro) 5.99
-great ep originally done in an edition of 300 for a Dutch record fair… raw stuff including “Injection!”
Q65 The Life I Live / Cry In The Night 7” (Decca, repro) 5.99
Q65 I Despise You / Ann 7” (Decca repro) 5.99
-fantastic looking repros of these Dutch beat/psych classics!

LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY I Hate CDs / Linda 7” (Norton) 3.99
LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY Relaxation / I Ride A Tractor 7” (Norton) 3.99
-newer recordings from the genius behind “Paralyzed”- and whose name Bowie took for Ziggy Stardust! No lie! All-time Goner hero.

LYRES Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin) / Gettin’ Plenty Lovin’ 7” (Norton) 3.99
LYRES We Sell Soul / Busy Body 7” (Taang) 3.99
-Spades / 13th Floor Elevators cover is GREAT!!!!

MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch / Quarter To Four 7” (Norton) 3.99
- ultimate butt movers—LET’S DO THE HUNCH!!!!!!!!

NATHANIEL MAYER I Don’t Want No Bald-Headed Woman Telling Me What To Do / instro version 7” (Norton) 3.99
-great, funky stuff from Mr Mayer!!!!

MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH 7” Little Girl Gone / Don’t Want Ya No More 7” (Norton) 3.99
-new, mean garagers on grape-colored vinyl…

DEAN MORGAN Totally Twisted World Of… 7” (Norton) 3.99
-wild weird Vietnam-damaged lost country-rockin…

MR AIRPLANE MAN Johnny Johnny / Drive Me Out 7” (Sympathy) 3.99

MURPHY & THE MOB Born Loser / Because You Love Me 7” (Talisman, repro) 3.99
-garage scorcher!

PHANTOM Love Me / Whisper Your Love 7” (Dot repro) 3.99
-Cramps cover, frantic pleas for affection! Love it!

PLEASURE SEEKERS What A Way To Die / Never Thought You’d Leave Me 7” (Norton) 3.99
Garage boozin’ anthem from SUZI QUATRO and her sisters- great 60s Detroit garage!

IGGY POP I Got A Right / Gimme Some Skin 7” (Siamese) 3.99
-post Raw Power KILLERS. PUNK ROCK dammit!


-full color covers, beautiful repros of Fontana eps on Norton!

PRETTY THINGS Big City 7” ep (Norton) 4.49
-Big City, I Can Never Say, Get Yourself Home, Honey I Need
PRETTY THINGS Buzz The Jerk 7” ep (Norton) 4.49
-You Don’t Believe Me, Buzz The Jerk, You’ll Never Do It Baby (!!!!), Come See Me
PRETTY THINGS Rosalyn 7” ep (Norton) 4.49
-Rosalyn, Judgement Day, Road Runner, Don’t Bring Me Down
PRETTY THINGS Midnight To Six Man 7” ep (Norton) 4.49
-Midnight To Six Man, Can’t Stand The Pain, LSD, Me Needing You


DWIGHT PULLEN Sunglasses After Dark / Teen Age Bug 7” (Carlton, repro) 3.99
-covered by CRAMPS!

RAMONES I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Judy Is A Punk 7” (Norton) 3.99
-original 1975 demo versions, so far ahead of their time… amazing.

REAL KIDS All Kinds Of Girls / Common At Noon 7” (Norton) 3.99
-unbeatable Boston pop

LOU REED All Tomorrow’s Dance Parties 7” ep (Norton) 3.99
-early doo-wop / pop from Lewis Reed and The Jades- his earliest recordings.

ROYAL PENDLETONS You Can Always Love Again 7” ep (Blood Red) 4.50
-restock on this great New Orleans garage ep – “Game of Love” is a classic!

SAXONS Camel Walk Pt 1/ Pt 2 7” (Norton) 3.99
-dance party favorite!

SCRIPTS 7” (Jeth Row) 3.99
-restock on Chad from KAJUN SS/MANGINA’s tough New Orleans garage/punk band’s debut… hand-painted covers.

JACK STARR Chicken / UFO 7” (Norton) 3.99
-bizarre, wild 70s (?) drum machine/acid metal guitar with Mr Starr ranting about Chicken & UFOs! Note: the only record to have come out both on Norton and In The Red!

TRIUMPHS Surfside Date 7” ep (Norton) 3.99
-frat/garage brilliance with ½ previously unissued- including “Surfside Slave” (!!!) and “Memphis Baby.” Liner notes from WFMU’s Dave the Spazz…

URINALS #1 7” ep (Happy Squid repro) 4.99
-w/”Dead Flowers,” “Hologram,” “Last Days Of Man On Earth,” and “Surfin With The Shah.”

URINALS #2 7” ep (Happy Squid repro) 4.99
-w/”Black Hole,” “I’m White And Middle Class,” “I’m A Bug,” and “Ack Ack Ack.”

ANDRE WILLIAMS Monkey Speaks His Mind 7” (Norton) 3.99
-Mr Rhythm takes on Dave Bartholomew’s classic animal kingdom fable…

LINK WRAY “Friday Night Dance Party” / BUNKER HILL Girl Can’t Dance 7” (Norton) 3.99
-dance with Link and Bunker!



Super-expensive records – as heard on Chocolate Soup For Diabetics, Rubble comps, etc… originals go for hundreds/thousands/ millions (well, maybe not millions…)

WIMPLE WITCH Save My Soul / Everybody’s Worried About Tomorrow 7” (Fontana repro) 9.99

EYES My Degeneration / The Immediate Pleasure 7” (Mercury repro) 3.99

THE FACTORY Gone / Path Through The Forest 7” (MGM repro) 9.99

TINTERN ABBEY Vacuum Cleaner / Beeside 7” (Deram repro) 9.99



5678s Early Days: Singles 1989-1996 dbl lp (Time Bomb, Japan) 24.99
-27 hot garagers from Tarantino’s favorite Japanese all-girl band! As seen in Kill Bill- great early stuff!

5678s s/t lp (Time Bomb, Japan) 17.99
-their first full length, includes the all-time great “I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield.”

HASIL ADKINS Out To Hunch lp (Norton) 8.99
HASIL ADKINS The Wild Man lp (Norton) 8.99

HOT SNAKES Audit In Progress lp (Swami) 9.99
-latest from John Reis’ (Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu) stripped down punk outfit.

HUSBANDS Introducing The Sounds Of lp (Swami) 9.99

LEGIONAIRE’S DISEASE Catch The Disease 10” (Lunar) 9.99
-fantastic RAW Texas punk with the insane vocals of Bobby Soxx… with the all-time screamer “I’d Rather See You Dead.”

MY BLOODY VALENTINE Loveless lp (Plain) 16.99
-let’s gaze at our shoes and contemplate Kevin Shield’s guitar genius… roomful of guitar distortion, blurry vocals, great!

QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS Do You Feel It Baby? Dbl lp (Norton) 15.99

REAL KIDS No Place Fast lp (Norton) 8.99
-Outta Place lp + Taxi Boys ep!

JACK STARR Born Petrified lp (Norton) 8.99
-insane Texas movie mumbo jumbo and musical mayhemmage. Includes “Godzilla We Love You!”

GINO WASHINGTON Out Of This World lp (Norton) 8.99
-“Gino Is A Coward.” What a great song. Great comp. Gotta love Gino- especially when he’s trying to keep Nathaniel Mayer from self-destruction in New Orleans during a Ponderosa Stomp… love that Gino!

LINK WRAY & THE WRAYMEN lp (Epic / Norton) 11.99

v/a BLOODSTAINS ACROSS BELGIUM vol II lp (Atomium) 13.99
-with all the greats- Raxola, Kids, Elton Motello, Chainsaw, Stress, more!

v/a BUTTSHAKERS Vol 1 lp (Mr Luckee) 17.99
-been having Vol 2 for a while (I think it’s in the racks, still) but here’s the first volume of this series of sounds to make behinds quiver… nudie cover, 16 soul boogaloo raw funk tracks including Jerry-O’s “Funky Four Corners…”

v/a CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS vols 1 through 5 lp (Relics) 13.99 each
-great heavy psych/garage comp

v/a KILLED BY DEATH #1 lp (Redrum) 10.99
-color vinyl
v/a KILLED BY DEATH #2 lp (Redrum) 10.99
-color vinyl
v/a KILLED BY DEATH #3 lp (Redrum) 10.99
-color vinyl
v/a KILLED BY DEATH #4 lp (Redrum) 10.99
-color vinyl

v/a PRAE KRAUT PANDEMONIUM vol 11 lp 16.99
v/a PRAE KRAUT PANDEMONIUM vol 14 lp 17.99


HASIL ADKINS Out To Hunch cd (Norton) 14.99
-give the gift of true insanity this xmas!
HASIL ADKINS The Wild Man cd (Norton) 14.99

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Abattoir Blues / Lyre Of Orpheus dbl cd (Mute) 18.99
-latest from Mr Cave

CRAMPS Psychedelic Jungle / Gravest Hits cd (IRS) 11.99

CRAMPS Songs The Lord Taught Us cd (IRS) 11.99

DAMNED Damned Damned Damned cd (Sanctuary, UK) 15.99
-amazing first lp. Punk! “Neat Neat Neat!!!”

DEAD BOYS Young Loud & Snotty cd (Sire) 16.99
-Great Cleveland first generation punk w/ Stiv!

DEVO Q: Are We Not Men / Devo Live cd (Virgin, Holland) 15.99
-import 2 on 1 cd- with bonus tracks “Social Fools” and “Penetration In The Centrefold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

DEVO Oh No It’s Devo / Freedom Of Choice cd (Virgin, Holland) 15.99
-import 2 on 1 w/”Peek-A-Boo (Dance Velocity)” tacked onto the end… 25 tracks!

DEVO Duty Now For The Future / New Traditionalists cd (Virgin, Holland) 15.99
-import 2 on 1 cd… 24 tracks- with “Clockout” and “Blockhead” (my favorite song when I was 13!) and “Smart Patrol / Mr DNA.”

DICTATORS Bloodbrothers cd (Dictators) 14.99
-3rd great record- with "Faster & Louder!"

NICK DRAKE Pink Moon cd (Island) 12.99
NICK DRAKE Bryter Layter cd (Island) 12.99
NICK DRAKE Five Leaves Left cd (Island) 12.99
-quintessential UK folk

ROKY ERICKSON Never Say Goodbye cd (Emperor Jones) 16.99
Raw field recordings of Roky from 1971-1974- songs not on any other release. For Roky fans.

FLAT DUO JETS Safari cd (Norton) 14.99
-34 tracks! Includes “Cast Iron Arm” and Dexter getting thrown out of singing in a school lavatory!

GANG OF FOUR Entertainment cd (EMI) 15.99
-Great, great, great angry & angular post-punk. Essential.

GUN CLUB Fire Of Love cd (Rhino/Slash) 18.99
-thee best Gun Club record… essential LA blues punk w/ Kid Congo.

HOT SNAKES Audit In Progress cd (Swami) 13.99
-Latest from John Reis’ stripped down punk/rockin trio.

HUSBANDS Introducing The Husbands cd (Swami) 13.99
-Pounding all-girl garage from SF!

JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures cd (Factory/WB) 12.99

KINKS Arthur cd (Reprise) 12.99
-No bonus tracks edition, but one of the best albums ever made.
KINKS Kinda Kinks cd (Sanctuary, UK) 17.99
-10 bonus tracks!!!!! Includes a demo of “I Go To Sleep!”
KINKS Kink Kontroversy cd (Sanctuary, UK) 17.99
- 2 bonus alternate & demo tracks
KINKS Something Else cd (Sanctuary, UK) 17.99
-8 bonus tracks including “Autumn Almanac”

LEGIONAIRE’s DISEASE Catch The Disease: Unreleased cd (Lunar) 12.99
-Unreleased RAW texas punk w/Bobby Soxx- includes the all-time screamer “I’d Rather See You Dead.”

LOVE s/t cd (Warner Bros) 16.99
-Mono mix + Stereo mix + 2 bonus tracks- “Number 14” (the flipside to “7&7 Is”- get it?) and an alternate version of “Signed D.C.” 30 tracks total. Whoa.

MC5 Back In The USA cd (Rhino) 12.99
MC5 Kick Out The Jams cd (Rhino) 11.99
MC5 High Time cd (Rhino) 11.99
-power-rock classics. KICK OUT THE JAMS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!

MISFITS Static Age cd (Caroline) 16.99
-the never-released Misfits lp… unreal.

MISSION OF BURMA Vs cd (Ryko) 12.99
-1982 studio album, with 4 bonus tracks. Great Boston art-punk.

MONKEES Head cd (Rhino) 11.99
-Legendary psychedelic soundtrack to the legendary psychedelic movie! Includes the fantastic “Porpoise Song.”
MONKS Black Monk Time cd (Repertoire, GER) 22.99
-Legendary insane garage/beat mayhem- out of print in the USA- with 4 bonus tracks.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL In The Aeroplane Over The Sea cd (Merge) 14.99
-Classic Elephant 6 Collective psych/pop.

NERVOUS NORVUS Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of Nervous Norvus cd (Norton) 14,99
-50s insanity from the man behind the hit “Transfusion” and “Ape Call.” Wait till you hear “Blackout”- STICK YOUR HEAD INTO A GABAGE CAN and AARRRRRGGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHG!!!!!! Great booklet tells the stories behind these 33 twisted hip ditties- completely ZORCH!

NEW YORK DOLLS s/t cd (Mercury) 11.99
-Rock n roll essential. Give it to the emo kid on your list.

PERE UBU The Modern Dance cd (DGC) 11.99
-amazing industrial wasteland proto-punk weirdness
PERE UBU Dub Housing cd (Thirsty Ear) 15.99
-more “out” 2nd lp… still great.
PERE UBU Terminal Tower cd (DGC) 11.99
-collection of singles tracks and non-lp stuff 1975-1980. With “Heart Of Darkness,” “Final Solution,” “My Dark Ages” and eight more classics.

PUBLIC NUISANCE Gotta Survive dbl cd (Frantic) 24.99
-60s garage long-hairs pointing guns at you on the cover, on the back of the cd tray they're hanging one of the band members! Wild stuff & also some great poppier moments, too. Fantastic booklet tells the story.

RAMONES s/t cd (Rhino) 13.99
RAMONES Rocket To Russia cd (Rhino)13.99
RAMONES Pleasant Dreams cd (Rhino) 13.99
RAMONES Subterranean Jungle cd (Rhino) 13.99

REZILLOS The Almost Complete Rezillos cd (Sire) 16.99
-Speedy Edinburgh, Scotland, punk/new wave. Includes the epic version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight.” 27 tracks.

SILVER APPLES s/t cd (MCA) 16.99
-I believe this is both Silver Apples lps on 1 cd- 18 tracks, with the classic “Oscillations.” Early Synth/drum futuristic recordings…

SPITS s/t cd (Nickel & Dime) 13.99
-first and best! With “Dropout,” “SK8,” “Saturday Night,” “Black Kar,” “Remote Control,” “Tired & Lonely,” “Die Die Die,”---- GREAT!

STOOGES s/t cd (Elektra) 13.99
STOOGES Funhouse cd (Elektra) 13.99

SUN RA Space Is The Place cd (Impulse) 17.99
-amazing psychedelic space-jazz.

TELEVISION Marquee Moon cd (Elektra) 18.99
-Classic NYC art-punk album with bonus tracks- “Little Johnny Jewel”, and alternate takes on “See No Evil,” “Friction,” and “Marquee Moon.”

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES …And Don’t The Kids Just Love It cd (Fire, UK) 16.99
-UK shambling DIY gods’ first lp from 1981…

TESTORS complete recordings 1976-79 dbl cd (Swami) 15.99
-great punk into power pop from Sonny Vincent. Get it!

VELVET UNDERGROUND s/t cd (Verve) 11.99
-great quiet 3rd lp.

WIPERS box set 3cd (Zeno) 22.99
-restocked and got a cheaper price on this- The Wipers’ first 3 fantastic albums plus singles, outtakes, booklet… if I said it wasn’t essential before I was WRONG!

WIRE On The Box dvd + cd (Pink Flag) 22.99
-fantastic live show from Wire just past Chairs Missing, with tracks from Pink Flag through 154. With bonus audio cd to enjoy minus visuals.

WRECKLESS ERIC Almost A Jubilee: BBC Sessions cd (Hux, UK) 18.99
-18 tracks including The Len Bright Combo, The Hitsville House Band, and Southern Domestic. Includes “Whole Wide World!!!!”

v/a FRIDAY AT THE HIDEOUT cd (Norton) 13.99
-all-out Detroit 60s garage Dance Party with tracks from Underdogs, Doug Brown & The Omens (with Bob Seger on organ!), Mushrooms (with Glenn Frey!), Fugitives, the all-girl Suzi Quatro-led Pleasure Seekers, and more more more! GREAT!

v/a KILLED BY DEATH #1 cd (“Redrum”) 13.99
-classic kbd punk from MAD, CHILD MOLESTERS, USERS, VOMIT VISIONS, etc
v/a KILLED BY DEATH #4 cd (“Redrum”) 13.99
-more raw & wrong punk rock w/REALLY RED, VICTIMS, ZERO BOYS, HUNS, more.
v/a KILLED BY DEATH #9 cd (“Redrum”) 13.99
-same trax as the vinyl- with TAPEWORM, JETSONS, LA PESTE, PANICS, lots of killers.

v/a NUGGETS vol 1 4cd box set (Rhino) 69.99
-amazing 60s garage/psych pop songs, with great booklet… all-around essential!

v/a NUGGETS vol 2 4cd box set (Rhino) 74.99
-more amazing 60s garage- this time with tons of garage goodies from Europe, South America, and all over the globe! Dutch Beat, baby- we got it!

v/a REPO MAN soundtrack cd (MCA) 11.99
-GREAT collection with Circle Jerks, Juicy Banana, Iggy Pop, Fear, Plugz, and more! Plate ‘O Shrimp!

MORE STUFF COMING as soon as we inventory it!

GOODBYE BABYLON box set, BLUES/GOSPEL XMAS comp cd, new BASEBALL FURIES, etc etc etc!!!

Posted: Dec 11, 2004 2:34 am
No biggie, but Kid Congo isn't on Fire of Love, it's Ward Dotson.

I know, I need a life...

eric o
Posted: Dec 11, 2004 3:04 am
ahh, dammit, you're right.

i always think kid congo, gun club.

ward dotson, pontiac brothers.

gotta change my way of thinking, and fast.

that death party cd is amazing, by the way.

play it really, really loud.

eric o
Posted: Dec 11, 2004 4:00 am

v/a UGLY THINGS #22 6.95
-latest garage-based magazine has more stuff on The Misunderstood, the Plastic Bertrand story, Juicy Lucy, Australia's Creatures (who did the original "Ugly Things!"), tons of reviews, and more. 200 pages (!), squarebound, glossy cover, class act!!!!

v/a WHERE WILL YOU BE CHRISTMAS DAY? 24 Recordings from 1917-1959cd (Dust-to-Digital) 16.99
-second release from the label that brought you the massive, amazing GOODBYE BABYLON box set... this is just one cd, packaged with a great postcard picturing LEROY CARR, singer of "Christmas In Jail," available here. There's some calypso from Lord Executioner, some holiday numbers in spanish, great blues from Bessie Smith, Lightnin Hopkins, Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, Cotton Top Mountain Sactified Singers with Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon, Lord Beginner's "Christmas Mornin the Rum Had Me Yawning," and many more. Great!

v/a GOODBYE BABYLON box set cds (Dust-to-Digital) 89.99
5 cds with 135 songs (1902-1960)
1 cd with 25 sermons (1926-1941)
-Amazing collection of religious music from the back porch churche both black and white, fromthe first half of the 20th century. Completely American, completely real. Housed in a huge wooden box, with detailed book and fantastic documentation & photos. Expensive and worth it.

GRIS GRIS s/t cd (Birdman) 13.99
-restock on fantastic modern psych cd.

LOST SOUNDS s/t lp (In The Red) 9.99
LOST SOUNDS Future Touch 12" ep (In The Red) 8.49
-restock on memphians' latest releases

BASEBALL FURIES Let It Be lp (Big Neck) 9.99
-latest from Chicago punk/rock n rollers. Last show in Memphis was best I've ever seen!

v/a LOVE PEACE & POETRY Brazilian Psychedelic Music lp (Normal, GER) 16.99
-great collection of rare Brazilian tracks- if you like Os Mutantes, check out their contemporaries... great tropicalia & psych

v/a LOVE PEACE & POETRY: Asian Psychedelic Music lp (Normal, GER) 16.99
-my favorite (today) in the series... great mix of exotic and fuzz and pop.

v/a LOVE PEACE & POETRY: Mexican Pyschedelic Music lp (Normal, GER) 16.99
- surprisingly strong showing from Mexican psych-outs... usual great packaging with cheesecake covers, gatefold sleeve, and cover shots of all the rare lps these tracks are from. Unlike a lot of comps, these tracks are here because they're GOOD, not because they're rare.

Posted: Dec 11, 2004 8:22 am
Yessir! Jim Duckworth is my fucking hero. Panther Burns and Gun Club!
eric o
Posted: Dec 11, 2004 8:48 am
nice guy, too.

don't think he likes the dutch masters, but who can blame him?

Posted: Dec 13, 2004 10:27 pm
damn dude, you weren't kiddin. that is a pile of stuff. so is that babylon boxset field recordings? that sounds sweet as hell....
eric o
Posted: Dec 13, 2004 11:12 pm
here's an interview with the compiler, from


Indieville: "Goodbye, Babylon" is not the type of project you just sit down and decide to work on. What was your motivation for compiling this box set of songs?

Lance Ledbetter: In 1998, I was doing a radio show at WRAS - the college station at Georgia State University. The show was called Raw Musics and its focus was on old timey country, blues, gospel and jazz from the early 1900s. When I was searching for material for the show, I came across a void in gospel music reissues. That led me to write a letter to a collector about whom I'd read on the internet. He lived in Maryland and owned over 25,000 78 rpm records. Over time we developed a nice relationship, and for the next year and a half I listened to all of his religious records. He would make me cassettes of the songs for $.50 a track and I'd get them and listen to them every night on headphones and would have the hair on the back of my neck raised. It was an incredible time!

I: Where did you get all of the songs from? Is there a large collection you culled them from, or was it a different sort of process?

LL: Most of the material comes from Joe Bussard's collection. He is the collector I just mentioned.

I: How long did the project take from start to finish? What were some particular challenges you faced?

LL: The whole thing took 4.5 years to complete. The biggest challenge was money. But having to save the type of money it took to give Goodbye Babylon life forced me to spend a lot more time on the book (that comes with the CDs) - its content and design.

I: Where did you get all of the information for this book? How did you research the songs, and how did you go about getting the essayists to contribute?

LL: Dick Spottswood was the first writer I contacted. He became of champion of the project. He told me about some different versions of songs that I had selected that I'd never heard and that were better. He also turned me on to some songs I'd never heard. He ended up co-editing the book with me.

Once Dick was on board, I decided to try getting in touch with other writers. I targeted writers that were experts in their specific field of gospel. They were all really nice and after hearing about the project wanted to help.

I: How much interest has there been since the box set's release? Are you satisfied with the attention it's been getting? Lots of critics have spoken positively of the collection; have your customers also been giving you their impressions?

LL: The feedback has been positive - the amount of which was completely unexpected. We've received some nice letters and emails from people who received the set as a Christmas gift or bought it for a relative. Those are very nice to get. Also, some of the critics like David Greenberger and David Fricke have written such insightful reviews that make me believe that Goodbye Babylon is really connecting to people.

I: The packaging of "Goodbye, Babylon" is almost as incredible as the music contained inside. How was the concept of the box developed, and how did you get the packaging produced?

LL: I wanted to have the packaging be raw and natural. I drew up the design for the box and found a company in Canada that made custom boxes. As for the book, I wanted each song to have its own page. I felt like these artists deserved it.

I: Are there any particularly special songs on the discs? Any stories regarding either their creation or your discovery of them?

LL: I love all of them, but there's a special place in my heart for Blind Joe Taggart's "Goin' to Rest Where Jesus Is" and all the Sacred Harp material. Taggart's song with the backing vocal and violin is such an anomaly on many levels, but it all makes for an incredible song. The Sacred Harp music is special to me because I started attending local singings in the midst of producing Goodbye Babylon, and I'm getting hooked.

I: Why was the song "Goodbye, Babylon" chosen as the title of this release? Does it hold any special significance?

LL: That record was unissued by Paramount. Dick Spottswood recently obtained the test pressing without a label or listing. We passed it around the scholar community and it was agreed that it was Rev. T. T. Rose. What was great about the record from an audio standpoint is that each version of the song is different. So, I thought what better than to have the two bookend the collection of songs.

I: What was the process like for obtaining the release rights for each of the compilation's one hundred and sixty tracks? Was this difficult?

LL: We received legal and accounting advice on all such matters. There were some things that we could not get.

I: Have you planned anything for Dust-to-Digital's next project? Can you give us any details?

LL: We're planning a pre-war sacred harp box set and a pre-war music of Georgia box set. Also, there will be a few themed one-off CD releases to fill in the gaps between the box sets.

Posted: Dec 15, 2004 5:50 pm
damn, i wish there was a store around here like Goner...a store where i want EVERYTHING and have to put stuff back cause i'll spend too much. I gotta get down to Memphis.
Posted: Dec 15, 2004 6:14 pm
I'm pretty sure that "Goodbye Babylon" is mostly commercially issued stuff, just a few field recordings. I recall a couple A. Lomax + a Frederic Ramsey recording on there. The label's website has soundclips and all that:


eric o
Posted: Dec 15, 2004 7:07 pm
i think adam's right. but a lot of it sounds like it was recorded in another world.
Posted: Dec 15, 2004 7:56 pm
Also true! Blind Mamie Forehand, Effie Hall, Rev. DC Rice, "Jesus is my Air-O-Plane"...phew.
Posted: Dec 15, 2004 11:13 pm
sounds like it'd really scratch the itch that was started by the american primitive comp on revenant...and damn man, that packaging!!! that is so so sweet.
Posted: Dec 16, 2004 8:17 pm
What? No Jason Star?
eric o
Posted: Dec 16, 2004 10:29 pm
sorry 'bout that.
Posted: Dec 25, 2004 12:07 am
Man, that Goodbye Babylon set is seriously good...
eric o
Posted: Dec 25, 2004 1:01 am
yes! glad it made it to ya...

the fact that it's got a hardcover book in a pine box doesn't hurt...

happy holidays!

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