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Posted: Nov 17, 2004 7:00 am
On Friday November 26th bring your full bellies and your favorite booze in to Goner record for the Oscars records release show for their new 7" on Bootleg records "Death to America". Also will be some visual by me (Alicja) up and around the jizzoint...check out some stuff at my very incomplete website http://www.tronicgraveyard.com

Oscars play at 8pm, and Chuck Vicious may do his solo Chinese Restaurant music, maybe we'll hear "the duck song" too...

Posted: Nov 17, 2004 9:13 am
How many websites does one girl really need?
You make me feel lazy, I don't even have half a website. I tried to build one for my one-man band thing, but I quickly became frustrated and gave up for forever.
I've got an email address, what more do I need.
Posted: Nov 18, 2004 9:17 am
How 'bout a picture for the ladies...and me.
Posted: Nov 25, 2004 1:17 am
me chianeese me play joke me put pp in your coke
Posted: Nov 26, 2004 11:38 pm
has anyone other than me noticed how much chuck vicious looks like tony curtis???
eric o
Posted: Nov 27, 2004 4:04 am

crappy collage by me... cool dolls & paintings by alicja. they'll be up for a couple of weeks.

and the oscars will be playing for a couple of weeks, too.

oh wait, no, that's only TONIGHT!

come on by!

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