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Miss Lucy
Posted: Nov 4, 2004 10:26 pm
Eric...I'm the girl with the pigtails who was asking you about The Moon the other day...if you find that 7inch around...or if anything else passes through there, i would be more than happy to give you money...my e-mail:


Posted: Nov 5, 2004 12:07 am
I got yer moon right here:
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 12:09 am

I got yer moon right here:

Posted: Nov 5, 2004 12:13 am
Or, alternately...

I got yer moon right here:

eric o
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 12:20 am

Faces / John Automaton (Imperial 66330)from the imperial lp "without earth" from 1968.

just sent you an email.

got some good psych/garage in.

SPIKE DRIVERS! "baby won't you let me tell you how i lost my mind!"

bazooka joe
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 12:52 am
Just how good we talkin' here???
eric o
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 1:09 am
hmm... i'm listening to new johnny vomit tracks and "good" somehow eludes me right now...


Posted: Nov 5, 2004 1:11 am
Just how new we talkin here???
eric o
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 1:13 am
and the Spike Drivers is kinda more folky-garage, anyway.
eric o
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 1:15 am
oh, new as in... a week ago!

jack has about 8 mixes of every song.

this one's in spanish.

one's about being CREEPY!

one's about uh, "THANKS FOR THE RIDE!"

jimbo, jack, and johnny this time.

unfortunately, no new versions of "chokin on a lude."

bazooka joe
Posted: Nov 5, 2004 1:25 am
but do you have any of "those kinda records?"
Joe Pestilence
Posted: Nov 10, 2004 3:13 am
Wow,new Johnny Vomit recordings? Are there any other old ones perchance,or did they all make it to the 7"?

Either way,finally some Good News!!!

eric o
Posted: Nov 10, 2004 3:48 am
there ARE old ones! "I Will Follow," and other hot covers, too!

we might stick with the new stuff before the complete recordings comes out.

Posted: Nov 17, 2004 4:13 am
Nice house Sambeaux!
Miss Lucy
Posted: Dec 6, 2004 10:00 pm
Eric...I decided to pick it up in person...I'll be down there sometime the end of the week..maybe Monday...is it still around?
eric o
Posted: Dec 7, 2004 12:51 am
we got it for ya.
Miss Lucy
Posted: Dec 7, 2004 7:15 am
Kickass!...thanks a bunch..sorry I've been slow...I've gone broke and have decided to move all within the past couple of weeks...
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