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eric o
Posted: Oct 14, 2004 9:34 pm
WIRE on The Box: 1979 dvd+cd (Pink Flag) 22.99
Insanely great to watch our heroes play these songs- between Chairs Missing & 154- with obtuse instructions and innate directions. And energy. Originally broadcast on the German tv programme Rockpalast on Feb 14, 1979.

DIRTBOMBS LIve: North Of 8 Mile lp (MFIC) 19.99
"For Taco & Monty" reads the runoff groove- I hope they appreciate the lack of cover art, lack of recording details, and extremely high price. At least the 17 Cumshots folks put track listings and some bad art on their bootleg. Even if they got some of the tracks wrong. Anyway, great Mick Collins and co performance. Great sound. Live on the radio somewhere? I don't know. Edition of 1000. 12" style sleeve with sticker in one corner.

Tracks are:
Chains of Love, Motor City Baby, Ode To A Black Man, Daddy's Little Chicken, Stuck Under My Shoe, I Can't Stop Thinking About It, Kung Fu, Shake, and finally a cover of Australian garage legends the Black Diamonds' I Want, Need, Love You.

QUINTRON The Frog Tape cd (Skin Graft) 15.99
I love frogs! I love Quintron! I love this!
There's frogs on it- and Mr Q does "Stray Cat Strut!" On the case it says "Perfect For Parties, Haunted Houses, or Trick Or Treaters." The backwards real-time organ technique Quintron's devised will scare away any sugar-mongering pre-teen, guaranteed!

FLESHEATERS No Questions Asked cd (Atavistic) 16.99
Great raw lp plus tracks from their first 7", unreleased demos, and the Tooth & Nail comp. Howling LA punk fronted by Slash magazine's Chris D.

INTELLIGENCE Boredom & Terror cd (Omnibus) 13.99
More from A-Frames family, apocalyptic demolition rock.

SNIVELLING SHITS I Can't Come cd (Damaged Goods, UK) 16.99
Great Killed By Death heroes with "I Wanna Be Your Bird" and the fantastic "Terminal Stupid."

STEREOLAB Switched On cd (Too Pure, UK) 15.99
Groovy VU+moog+french female singing sounds good to me. Early singles compilation.

VICTIMS No Thanks To The Human Turd 7" ep (boot) 5.99
The rest of the brilliant Victims tracks besides the "Television Addict" 7"... with
"High School Girls," "Open Your Eyes," "I Understand," "TV Freak," and "Disco Junkies." Awesome.

"A Texas Hardcore compilation" says the cover, and it's got early Butthole Surfers,
DRI, Realy Red, The Offenders, Stickmen With Rayguns, Hugh Beaumont Exerience, The Dicks, The Big Boys, and more Texas killahs.

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Wild Gals A Go-Go dbl lp (Eclipse) 26.99
Reissue of fake Russian exploito-sex soundtrack from the ever-spaced Acid Mothers Temple featuring the vocal stylings of Cotton Casino. Sigh. How they can crank out psych epic after psych epic and still sound this good is beyond me. I just, like, groove. Great e-rotic cover art!

MONOSHOCK Runnin' Ape-like From The Backwards Superman: 1989-1995 cd (S-S) 13.99
Speaking of grooving, here's the completely great singles compilation from these unheralded SF stalwarts who
put out some amazing noise/psych skin-prickers and one of the best records of the 90s, Walk To The Fire. Oblivians played with 'em. They had a tuba onstage. Evil noise tuba rock.If you're new to 'em,
start with "Hawkwind Show."

LOS REACTORS Dead In The Suburbs cd (Rip Off) 14.99
Tulsa, Oklahoma keyboard punkers from 1980- way ahead of their time! CD comes with bonus video footage!

GUN CLUB reissues
these cds are remastered and with bonus stuff, pictures, and liner notes...

GUN CLUB The Las Vegas Story lp/ cd (Sympathy) lp 10.50/ cd14.99
Some killers, some showtunes, it's got Patricia Morrison on bass and Kid Congo Powers on guitar. Whether you can deal with Jeffrey's wail on some of this is a test to see if you're a Gun Club fan. But even if that stuff rubs you wrong, there's great songs (Walking With The Beast, Eternally Is Here, Give Up The Sun, Bad America) and a nice lost melancholy vibe.

GUN CLUB Miami lp/ cd (Sympathy) lp 10.50/ cd 14.99
I gotta go back and listen to this one.

GUN CLUB Death Party lp/ cd (Sympathy) lp 10.50/ cd 14.99
The most Memphis-centric of these albums, as Memphian Jim Duckworth plays some smokin' guitar
and there's a song called "The House On Highland Ave, but I'd always discounted it as a minor lp. it sounds great right now.
Originally just a five-song ep, the cd adds six live tracks from Radio Geneva in March 1983. Lp has 4 of those live numbers.

GUN CLUB Walking With The Beast / Secret Fires 7" (Sympathy)
A-side's a different take, pretty different, too. Slower but cool.

GRIS GRIS lp/cd (Birdman) lp 9.99 / cd 14.99
Fantastic folk/psych that's sweeping the land. Greg Ashley on lead guitar & vocals.

GRIS GRIS Mary #38 / Baby You're Mine Now 7" (Birdman) 3.99
More from the mind of Greg Ashley...

MIRRORS Medication #1 / Patient Flowers (electric) 7" (Birdman) 4.99
Early Greg Ashley psych rock recorded at Greg's parents' house in League City, TX in 2001.

POPULAR SHAPES Bikini Style cd (On/ On Switch) 13.99

SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS What If We Stopped Paying Taxes / This Land Is Your Land 7" (Daptone) 5.50
The nasty Ms Jones gets political and still retains the sweet smell of the FUNK! Woody Guthrie, get down!

DARRELL BANKS Is Here! cd (Sepia Tone) 13.99
Restock on this classic collection of Mr Banks' Detroit soul!

BLOODTHIRSTY LOVERS The Delicate Seam cd (Frenchkiss) 16.99
ex-Grifter Dave Shouse with some Memphis hotshots including the Secret Service's Steve Selvidge.

MANHANDLERS s/t lp/cd (Criminal IQ) lp 8.99 / cd 11.99
Screaming ladies of Chicago punk rock take it to your face! Do they steal it? Do they seal it? They make a meal of it!

BROTHER JT Off Blue cd (Birdman) 15.99
Ex-Original Sins frontman Brother JT has always made insanely great pop-psych records that no one pays attention to. Here's one more.

TOM WAITS Real Gone dbl lp/ cd (Anti) dbl lp 15.99 / cd 16.99
Hey, we haven't heard it yet, but we love the name! Tom's a goner!

THE BEAT OF THE EARTH s/t cd (Radioactive, UK) 18.99
"This record is an artistic statement. If you are looking for psychedelic
music, do not buy this record until you are looking for psychedelic music."
-according to the back cover. Whoah! Heavy duty neuron-fried free-form PSYCH
that feels just about right.

DIGITAL LEATHER The True Story Of Your Death cd (Fatal Seduction) 6.99
DIGITAL LEATHER Mork Teknologi cd (Fatal Seduction) 6.99
Two more full-lengthers from Ryan Wong- ex-Reatards, Destruction Unit head destructo, and more. Moody Numanesque Ultravox New Ordervision gloom with keyboards killing. I think "Stimulated / Modulated" is the hit, but I like the title of "Forest of Robotic Suicides" the best.

TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-79 dbl lp / cd (Swami) dbl lp 12.99 / cd 15.99
Restock on this punk rock essential. Up there with Wipers, Wire, etc

REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON God's Got It! The Legendary Booker Singles lp (Crypt) 13.99
180 gram raw gospel rock from the right Reverend! Like Hasil Adkins posessed by the lord!

LOST SOUNDS / THE VANISHING split 7" (Cochon) 5.99
reissue of these premier goth bands' stare-down.

eric o
Posted: Oct 14, 2004 9:35 pm
i meant "restock," not reissue, on the Lost Sounds / Vanishing.

Posted: Oct 14, 2004 9:44 pm
That 17 Cumshots bootleg is pretty good. I downloaded it from Kazaa last year. I've never seen the LP for sale anywhere, not even on Ebay. It's a good live radio show with some nice bonus tracks and the best version of "Motorcycle Leather Boy" I've ever heard. The track listing that's on grunnenrocks is off a bit.
eric o
Posted: Oct 14, 2004 10:22 pm
i don't know why, but it's not the complete session. "Losing Hand" is listed on the cover but it's not on the lp.

the best part of that show was jack goofing on the radio with the Dutch John Peel.

Posted: Oct 15, 2004 10:52 am
Yeah, it has you introducing "losing Hand" then it cuts to ya'll playing "Static Party" instead.
No Big Thing
Posted: Oct 21, 2004 5:55 am
Brother JT's Birdman stuff has been just tremendous. I'll likely be sending a check your way in the next couple of days.
eric o
Posted: Oct 22, 2004 12:22 am
it's really, really good. folkish, but great.
Posted: Oct 22, 2004 5:25 am
got that Wire DVD yesterday. already seen it like 10 times. its pretty fucking amazing. one of the best music videos ive seen. E-FUCKING-SSENTIAL. damn gotta watch it again now.
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