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eric o
Posted: Sep 28, 2004 11:06 pm
HARLAN T BOBO cds back in @10.99.
Since he's on tour with Viva L'American Death Ray Music for 2 months in europe, these are the last copies for a while.

WIPERS3 cd Box Set (Zeno) 23.99
-First 3 amazing lps from the Wipers plus bonus tracks, info on the lps and band members, and photos of Greg Sage and his dog. Great, essential stuff from Is This Real?, Youth Of America, and Over The Edge.

WIPERS Live at the I-Beam cdr (zeno)11.99
Recorded in San Francisco 1987. Good sound, good show.

From the label: "An excellent show and good recording made from the house sound board. 17 songs on one full 60 minute CD in jewel case.

Astro Cloud - Follow Blind - Someplace Else - Any Time You Find
The Chill Remains - Nothing Left To Lose - Different Ways - The Search
Let It Slide - Over The Edge - Your Empathy - Just A Dream Away
Way Of Love - Losers Town - Romeo - Let Me Know - Land Of The Lost"

TOUGH & LOVELY Born Of The Stars lp / cd (Spoonful) 10.99 / 12.99
-Rockin' Ohio rock n roll belters with roots in the 60s pop & garage scene without the yucky retro backwash. First full-length.

Save Our Riverfront compilation cd (Friends of the Riverfront) 12.99
-benefit cd for the preservation of the riverfront as a public promenade and not a commercial development space. Artists include: North Mississippi All-Stars, Mudboy & The Neutrons (doing "Power To The People" credited to John Lennon, Furry Lewis, and Stokely Carmichael), Susan Marshall (a song co-written by ex-Afghan Whig Greg Dulli), Sid Selvidge, Jim Dickinson, Cybill Shepherd & Phineas Newborn, Jr, Jimmy Davis, and more.
more info at http://www.friendsforourriverfront.org

Posted: Oct 4, 2004 1:34 am
Hey Eric
Do you still have any copies of that Lightning Beatman LP?
Posted: Oct 4, 2004 6:53 pm
hey jeff-
we are out of rev. beatman - think we still have a copy of the other one...
Posted: Oct 5, 2004 8:06 pm
eric, I want the lightning beatman too. can I send money down via paypal? i don't know where else to find that.

and I can't believe I remember this but last year or so, talking about the greats, I think you said the wipers weren't essential, and I remember going huh? anyway, nice to see you carrying those records! viva la greg sage!!

Posted: Oct 6, 2004 1:25 am
I can't imagine Eric saying the Wipers weren't essential. They were one of the first bands the Dutch Masters ripped off.
Posted: Oct 6, 2004 2:03 am
swear to god, scott, 'cos I thought, should I respond? and I didn't--no need to put everything you feel out there, I guess. find that thread! it was a year, 2 years ago. but who cares? eric is quite killer.
eric o
Posted: Oct 6, 2004 2:15 am
what? that sounds completely not like me.

but then again, it sounds right somehow.

i mean, i can almost understand my logic.

but i, an enthusiastic flip-flopper, was wrong.

COMPLETELY ESSENTIAL!!!!! (well, 1st & 3rd lps...)

jenna- can we just send the beatman lp- "apartment wrestling rock n roll," right?- to ya to help settle our debt?

Posted: Oct 6, 2004 2:38 am
those albums are the foundation of all things glorious, deep, dark, right and wrong with life.

yes, the beatman would be fine for me.

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