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eric o
Posted: Sep 15, 2004 6:42 am
just in the drippy drippy door...

MICHAEL YONKERS It's Only Yonkers lp (Galactic Zoo-Disc/Eclipse)18.99
-More Zonked Yonkerisms from the man who brought us "MicroMiniature Love" back in 1968. Well, he tried to- it was unreleased until a couple of years ago. And apparently since then, his mind has not stopped thinking freely. Still playing some mutant guitar, still beating to his own beat, still half in outer space. Sounds pretty damn close to that first album!

v/a Love Peace & Poetry: MEXICAN PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC lp/cd (QDK Media, GER) lp 16.99/ cd 15.99
-GREAT fried and refried PSYCH-rock from 1960s-early 1970s Mexico. Another killer from the Love Peace & Poetry crew... the best from the rarest records anywhere!

IOTA lp/cd (lp on Rokadelic, cd on Shadoks, GER)lp 28.99 / cd 16.99
-El Paso band that trucked on over to Memphis to record some 45s for Hi- here's their unreleased lp. Rokadelic Records are notoriously small runs and quickly gain value, hence the price. If you're curious and not collecting, grab the cd. And some more of that blotter acid you've been storing since 1968. Whoah.

from the label:
From the archives of the legendary El Paso, Texas Suemi label comes this previously unreleased psych masterpiece by Iota. This 4 piece band tore up Texas before re-locating to Memphis to record for Hi Records in the late 60's. They released two great 45's, including the amazing 'Within These Precincts' in 1971. Deemed too dark and disturbing for commercial radio, these two releases went nowhere and the band went their separate ways after two years of playing and recording. We have compiled the best tracks recorded in both Memphis and El Paso to put together what we feel is one of the finest Texas psych rock LP's ever released. Limited to 600 copies in a thick, full color jacket with amazing cover art and lots of band photos. Insert tells their story.

from our distributor:
Third volume in this series. 24 far out and beautiful tracks from California and beyond: 1967 to 1971. As per this label's standard: exceptional attention to detail, with lengthy background notes that piece it all together. Artists: Mojo, The West Coast Branch, The Pipe Dream, The Fun and Games, Bryan, Jim and Jean, Le Cirque, The Hung Jury, The Status Cymbal, Jacobson and Tansley, The Second Helping, The Stained Glass, Condello, The Cinnamon Ship, A.M. Gately, P.K. Limited, The Elastik Band, The Gainsborough Gallery, Anthony Green and Barry Stagg, The Music Bachs, The Storybook People, Serendipity Singers, Mid Day Rain, The Sundowners.

THE BEAT OF THE EARTH cd (Radioactive) 18.99
-Let's have a psychedelic freak-out. YEAH!

from the label:
Beat Of The Earth is often compared with their illustrious East coast counterparts, The Velvet Underground, an apt comparison given the Velvet's penchant for long, unstructured jams using a myriad assortment of acoustic and electronic instruments. This is the earliest incarnation of the band, and the one that is most familiar to collectors fortunate enough to own a copy of this incredibly rare album. The album consists of a single track per side, and this, the band's recording debut, is considered an unusual and singular item of significance from the California '60s alternative rock scene. Although guitarist Pearlman managed to keep Beat Of The Earth together for much of the remainder of the '60s, it is fair to say that no more 'proper' recordings were made, although Pearlman continued to add to his personal collection of studio recordings, drafting in new musicians for impromptu after-hours recording sessions arranged at short notice.

oh yeah, we didn't get any more FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND cds back in, dammit.

THE OTHER HALF lp/cd (Radioactive)lp 27.99, cd 18.99
-Another in the "grab the reissue before it gets gone" game, if you're a player. Lp is a #rd edition of 1000 Randy Holden's rocking pre-Blue Cheer psych outfit famous for "Mr Pharmacist" (not here, as far as I can tell.)They do cover Arthur Lee's great "Feathered Fish." Nice.

BIG STAR Radio City lp (Akarma, IT)22.99
BIG STAR #1 Record lp (Akarma, IT) 22.99
-virgin vinyl 180 gram editions of these Memphis classics.

that's it for now...

ed oblivian
Posted: Sep 15, 2004 8:53 am
Hey Eric,hold one o'them IOTA's for me! I'll send a check.
eric o
Posted: Sep 15, 2004 9:18 pm
you got it. lp?

dark stuff!

and hey, this gentle sounds cd isn't as bad as it sounds- not complete Association-lite Free Design-esque crap like I feared. More of the "i'm high and i like it- here's a guitar that sounds like a sitar" rather than my usual "i'm high and i'm f****ing freaking out!!!!"

eric o
Posted: Sep 15, 2004 10:06 pm
oh yeah, also restocked the great SKIP SPENCE "All My Life (I Love You)" / "Land Of the Sun" 7" - Land of the Sun being the song he wrote for the X-Files shortly before he died.

and the PETER LAUGHNER "Cinderella Backstreet" / "White Light White Heat" 7" (Forced Exposure) - tracks from the ex-Pere Ubu guitarist from 1973 & 1975. Cleveland rocks!

Did I mention we had BBQ self-released s/t cd (with 4 bonus tracks) for 9.99?


well, we do!

eric o
Posted: Sep 15, 2004 10:55 pm
forgot this one!


described thusly:

2nd volume of this incredibly researched gray area reissue series. Featuring: The New Hobbits (Long revered in whispered tones from behind the beards of record collectors); The Collage; Queen Anne's Lace; The Spike Drivers (hailed from the flower power mecca of Detroit, Michigan where they once shared the stage with the MC5); Smokey and his Sister; The Pleasure Fair; The Garden Club; 3's A Crowd (sole album produced by an out-of-work Mama Cass after Michelle Phillips fucked Gene Clark and broke up the happy family); The Family (studio effort to cash in on the West Coast hippy craze); The Holy Mackerel (Millennium member Jerry Scheff); Thorinshield; Earth Island (sole 1969 LP for Phillips was produced by Kim Fowley and is mostly about saving the earth and stuff); Stone Country; The Gates of Eden (Beach Boys-inspired pop dirge); The Lewis and Clark Expedition (from the 1967 movie For Singels Only); The Moorpark Intersection (David Axlerod co-wrote and produced with J.Lewis and Bob Padilla in 1968); Wichita Fall; The Sounds of Modification; The Garden of Eden; The Sounds of Sunshine; The Growing Society.

Posted: Sep 16, 2004 4:12 am
Anything on the Old Hobbits?

I love that "Whispered tones from behind the beards. . ." comment. Classic.

John Phillips' book (Papa John) is a great read. I believe he mentions the Michelle/Clark tryst.

Posted: Sep 16, 2004 8:54 pm
she was banging Pappa Denny too. what a peach!
Posted: Sep 16, 2004 10:27 pm
I like the part when Roman Polanski threatens to cut his head off because he thinks Papa John killed Sharon Tate.
buck wilders
Posted: Sep 17, 2004 2:31 am
In the words of Iota...."LOVE COME WICKED!!!"
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