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eric o
Posted: Sep 3, 2004 4:00 am
New Stuff!
Crime San Francisco's STILL Doomed lp/ cd (Swami)10.99 / 14.99
-Great! Finally a reissue of "San Francisco's Only Rock n Rol Band," the best-dressed CRIME. All hail Frankie Fix! Great thudding songs, trash compacted J Thunders leads gone beserk, a constant sneer, it's all here. includes alternated takes of "hotwire my heart" and "baby you're so repulsive."

Lili Z 10" (Polly Magoo, FR) 10.99
-restock on this great solo ep from Miss Lili Z, ex-Splash 4. Squealing, rocking, 4 track stuff. "I Wanna Make NOISE!"

Volt 12" (Polly Magoo, FR)10.99
-Sexy post-Metal Urbain French electro-punk from Lili Z, Jack, and a drum machine... 4 long songs... "at first i didn't like it... but now i need it all the time..." whoo whoo!

Hunches Hobo Sunrise lp back in at 8.99

Darrel Banks Is Here! cd (Sepia-Tone) 13.99
-Great comp of fantastic Detroit soul.

Contortions Buy lp (4 Men With Beards) 16.99
-James Chance throwing down the noise punk funk NYC post-punk junk...

DNA on DNA cd (No More) 18.99
-Arto Lindsay, Robin Crutchfield, Ikue Mori, and Tim Wright destroy music as we know it in New York no wave attack. More musical than Teenage Jesus, no funk ala Contortions.

Avengers lp (CD Presents) 14.99
Avengers Live: Zero Hour lp (Get Back, IT) 12.99
- s/t lp is a collection of studio recordings including the classic "The American In Me" and "Car Crash." "White Nigger," too. Live Lp has good sound, 3rd to last show ever. Ripping guitar, good songs, good singing, desperation and all that good stuff. White vinyl, too.

more stuff coming...

Posted: Sep 17, 2004 12:39 am
You should check out James Chance and the Contortions live record on ROIR called White Cannibal - I know it isnt new but it still rocks hard
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