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eric o
Posted: Aug 27, 2004 5:50 am
SCREAMERS Live & Videos 77-79 VHS (Xeroid) 18.99
- LA's craziest punkest synthers ever live and in the 2 videos they made...

SCREAMERS Magazine Love / Cholo Jump 7" (???) 7.50
-Live at the Whiskey 9-14-78... recently uncovered tracks... if you don't have the dbl cd, start there...

CRIME San Francisco's Still Doomed cd (Swami) 14.99
-great retrospective of studio recordings of SF's rawest, loosest fuses... Lp due in soon!

DANGER DIABOLIK soundtrack cd (PALLOTOLLO, Italy) 14.99
-Ennio Morricone's soundtrack to this mod spy masterpiece...

REAL LOSERS Time To Lose cd (Wrench, UK) 14.99
-i tried to type "Time To Love" which might be great title for the Losers next lp... or they should change their name to the REAL LOVERS... which would be so lame it might rule. 2 bonus tracks added to this wall of trash-sound masterpiece. 17 songs!

ELLIOT SMITH Pretty (Ugly Before) / "A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free" 7" (Suicide Squeeze) 6.50
-So i guess he really did stab himself to death? Whoah. Last release.

ALEX CHILTON Singer Not The Song 7" ep (Munster, Spain) 5.99
- Reissueof 7" originally on ORK plus one track, "Close My Eyes." With Chris Bell, photos by William Eggleston, from the period post-Big Star and pre-Like Flies On Sherbert. Great!

RADIO BIRDMAN Living Eyes lp 16.99
-Recorded at Rockfileld Sutdios, Monmouth, Wales, April, 1978.

CONTORTIONS Buy lp (4 Men With Beards) 16.99
180 gram vinyl version of this post-punk fuck you funk attack... growing up, this was our REAL inspiration to be a band- "Shit, if people like this, they'll love us!" Great.

SKREWDRIVER All Skrewed Up lp ("Chiswick") 14.99
-Great, pre-National Front punk from these soon-to-be rasicst idiots. This record don't have none of that- the most offensive thing is a tired cover of "Won't Get Fooled Again." Bad idea. Good idea- "Anti-Social." And the rest.

v/a BACK TO FRONT Vol 2 lp (Incognito, GER) 15.99
-A supposedly legit issue of a lot of the stuff that came out on Killed By Death / Bloodstains series, with great selection in the volumes I've heard. Punk Rock without the noise/DIY/goof selections of some of the Killed By Death volumes. Anyway, on this one you get Cigarettes, Features, Fresh Color, Scrotum Poles, Incredible Kidda Band, Subverts, Chainsaw, Problem, Sudden Fun, Defnics, Spelling Mistakes, Briard, Newtown Neurotis, F.U., the great Goteborg Sound, Non Compos Mentis, Checkmate, Thohgt Criminals, Demics, and Groove. Punk rock from 77-80. FU2 cover is the cover.

KING KHAN & HIS SHRINES Three Hairs And You're Mine lp (Voodoo Rhythm, Switz) 10.99
-Incredble price on a great, rocking, funky record from ex-Spaceshits maniac Blacksnake. Reminds me of the rockin' Compulsive Gamblers stuff ala "Bad Taste"- funky but solid.

SPIKE Penetrator! lp (Rave-up, Italy) 15.99
-You love the Penetrators? You're gonna love this! Lots of the same songs, folks, sounds, etc... Spike had an ep from 1980 that was basically the 4th Penetrators release, then they added various kibbles and bits from 79 through 82 to make this record. @ versions of "Like Stinks," and both great. Wait til you hear "Warlord." Now that's a great song!

GOBLIN Suspiria soundtrack lp (Dagored, Italy) 17.99
-Intense proggy action from Ennio Morricone's rock outfit GOBLIN on Argento's most famous record... hottt!

CLASH Last Gang In Town Rarities 1976-1984 lp (Darkside) 21.99
-Demos of "1977," "White Riot," and "Pressure Drop." "All The Young Punks" demo pre-Give 'Em Enough Rope. Live "Safe European Home." Live "Lost In The Supermarket." More.

CLASH London't Burning Demos & Outtakes 1976-79 lp (TRIM) 18.99
-Career Opportunities, White Riot, Hanie JOnes, London's Burning, 1977 demos, plus stuff from the capitol radio ep, 7" tracksand cost of living ep. What, you don't have "Groovy Times" & "Gates Of The West"? Get 'em!

CLASH Jamaica lp (???) 21.99
-Live Jamaica 11/27/1982... 16 songs. 60 minutes!

STOOGES Declaration Of War lp ("Rhino Handmade") 16.99
-Best of the Funhouse sessions.... if you didn't buy the 8 cd box set, here's some of what you missed. Alternate versions of "TV Eye," "Down On The Street," "Loose," "Dirt," "1970," and "Funhouse." Unreleased songs are two: "Slide (Slidin' The Blues)" and "Lost In The Future." Won't make you think that they picked the wrong songs for the lp, but a great glimpse into the minds of some of the most out-there musicians at the time.

AL GREEN Still In Love With You lp (Get Back, IT) 12.99
-Classic Al with "Love & Happiness," "Oh, Pretty Woman," and the timeless title song. 140 gram colored vinyl. Memphis classic.

AL GREEN Let's Stay Together lp (Get Back, IT) 12.99
-Another insanely cool Hi Recording with the Hodges Brothers backing up Al, along with Howard Grimes and the legendary Al Jackson, Jr, on drums. Stax may have had more hits, but Hi had the soul. Damn!

STAINS Nineteen Eighty lp (Rave Up, Italy) 15.99
-Maine punkers from KBD, including "Give Ireland Back To The Snakes."

TOXIN III I Rock I Ran (Again) lp (Rave Up, Italy) 15.99
- Classic "I Rock I Ran" (covcred by Clone Defects!) plus 10 more ephochal punkers from Crowley, Louisiana's only Killed By Death participants. Why not? Fuck Boston, Fuck LA, Fuck New York, Fuck London- here's CROWLEY!

DEL-GATORS Pound Down! lp (Voodoo Rhythm, Switz) 10.99
-Freakin' amazing trash garage lp with some players from other Montreal heavyweights but able to hold their own againt any 'Reenos or Bootsters or what have you. I love this record.

more coming... MONKS lp, RED KRAYOLA lps, DM BOB & DEFICITS lps, OUTCASTS 1st lp, LIGHTNIN BEAT MAN lps, KIDS 1st & 2nd lp, PF COMMANDO lp, OPERATION S lp, PERE UBU Modern Dance lp, AVENGERS lp & live lp, JOHNNY CASH live 1972 lp, more!

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