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eric o
Posted: Aug 12, 2004 10:03 am
More stuff coming!

7" Just in! 8/11/04

HUNCHES Fuck Disco Beats 7" ep (In the Red) 3.99
-3 song warning to nuevo disco haircut kids

THEE MIGHTY CAESARS You Are Forgiven 7" (Sympathy) 3.99
KILLER blast from re-formed Caesars in 1995- almost blew Toe Rag apart! Brutal!

LES SEXAREENOS 7" ep (Sympathy) 3.99
with "Out To Sea," "Work For Fun," "The Way That You Work," and "Lights Out."
Canadian garage geniuses back in 2001

REAL LOSERS Go Nutzoid! 7" ep (Wrench, UK) 5.99
"She's Outta Control," "(Let's Go) Totally Nutzoid!,""So Sick By You," and "We Don't Care."
Brits on the rockin piss!

DETENTION Too Noisy (Live 1984) 7" (Ponk-111) 4.99
-with "Dead Rockers! 5 songs from Killed By Death #2 faves.

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE "Hello Good Child" / "You're My Boy" 7" (Ochre, UK) 6.99
-the dulcet tones of Cotton Casino floating in a universe of spaced guitar...

ALEXANDER "SKIP" SPENCE "All My Life (I Love You)" / "Land Of The Sun" 7" (Sundazed) 4.99
One from 1972, a fucking stomping MC5/Who (?) -ish rocker that'll stun you if you're expecting the zoned folk of Oar. And then one from 1996 he wrote and submitted to The X-Files folks in hopes that they wanted something spooky! What'd they get? A weird monologue over tabla, backwards guitar, and drone fuzz. Whoah!
Buy this with the Acid Mothers Temple 7" for the Goner psych overload of the week!

BARRACUDAS "I Can't Pretend" + 3 7" ep (Voxx) 4.99
Pop/surf legends with two pop numbers, two surf-related gems. from 1980-1982.

LES SEXAREENOS "We Gonna Ball" / "Why Why Why" "Journey To Tyme" 7" (Corduroy, AUS) 5.99
Man I love the Sexareenos. "Why Why Why" might be my favorite song by 'em. Love it.

RANDY ALVEY & THE GREEN FUZZ "Green Fuz" / "There Is A Land" 7" (Norton) 4.99
Cramps covered it, but damn if this song ain't from another planet. Interview with Randy Alvey by Phil Milstein graces the cover. No mention as to why they couldn't tune the guitars- thank god they didn't. And what a great "drum break!" An anthem! And the B-side might be better!

7"s back in 8/11/04

MISS ALEX WHITE with CHRIS PLAYBOY 7"ep (Missile X) 3.99
-ran through our first batch of these FAST!

FEELERS 7" (Death By Noise) 3.99
-with Sean Albundy (ex-Reatards) on bass! hot punk!

OBLIVIANS Strong Come On 7" (Crypt) 3.49
-with Johnny Vomit & Dry Heaves cover!

OBLIVIANS Kick Your Ass 7" (Sympathy) 3.99
Someone was asking me about how we recorded this thing... weird. but it roars!

GREG OBLIVIAN & THE TIP TOPS "Pretty Baby" 7" (Sympathy) 3.99
Favorite sweet songs from Greg & Esther!

REIGNING SOUND "Here Without You" 7" (Sympathy) 3.99
-back in stock! "West Texas Sound!"

WEIRDOS We Got The Neutron Bomb / Solitary Confinement 7" ("Dangerhouse" boot) 6.49

ROYAL PENDLETONS You Can Always Love Again +3 7" ep (Blood Red) 4.49
-Great record, great cover. Includes "Game of Love"- Pendleton's 2nd best song (after "Knaughty Knight")? Perhaps!

VICTIMS "Television Addict" / "Flipped Out Over You" 7" (boot) 6.49
-one of the greatest Aussie punk rock records ever!

KONTROVERSY This Then Is... 7" (Titan) 4.99
Pop music for pop people is right! It's all pop!

LITTLE KILLERS Better Be Right" / "Messin Around" 7" (Crypt) 4.99
-white vinyl from killer nyc co-ed combo - rocks!

CECILIA Et Ses Ennuis "Lets Petits Hommes Verts" +2 7"ep (Wild Wild, FR) 6.49
-damn this is great. Cecilia knows what 60s gal pop fans like- a little fuzz, some kittenish vocals, and killer hooks. Complete package. Great. First batch went out before they got out!

URINALS ep #1 7" (boot) 4.99
"Dead Flowers" "Hologram" "Last Days Of Man On Earth" "Surfin With The Shah" first release of minimalist brilliance from LA.

URINALS ep #2 7" (boot) 4.99
2nd Urinals, might be even better! "Black Hole" "I'm White And Middle Class" and the immortal "I'm A Bug" and "Ack Ack Ack." Yeah!

KEGGS "To Find Out" / "Girl" 7" (Orbit repro) 4.99
The greatest 7" ever? From Back From the Grave...

BLACKS "Shattered" 7" (Big Neck) 4.49
Limited Tour edition 7" from Swedish bashers
LPs Just In! 8/11/04

LOST SOUNDS Future Touch 12" ep (In the Red) 8.49
- 7 song blast, new lp "Lost Sounds" coming in October. Great!

HUNCHES Hobo Sunrise lp (In the Red) 8.99
-Brutal & surprisingly beautiful at times... Hunch!
ps do not drink more than 14 Hobo Sunrises at one sitting.

PIRANHAS Piscis Clangor 12" ep (In The Red) 8.99
-8 songs from Detroit's bizarrest?

NERVOUS PATTERNS lp (Cochon) 10.99
-Jay & Alicja stripped down Lost Sounds style

REV CHARLIE JACKSON God's Got It! lp (Crypt) 13.99
-180 gram vinyl, great ROCKIN gospel. Get it!

KINKS Are The Village Green Preservation Society lp (Earmark) 180 gram vinyl 19.99
KINKS Arthur lp (Earmark) 180 gram vinyl 19.99
-classic lps from 1968 & 1969. worth it.

SONIC YOUTH Sonic Nurse dbl lp (Goofin) 15.99
-NYC noisesters' latest on vinyl

v/a SEX SLEAZE & SOUL dbl lp (Nice Treat) 16.99
- porn trailers, blaxploitation trailers, soul & funk trax, nice to "set the mood"

RESIDENTS Meet The Residents lp (EuroRalph) 14.99
-classic back in original "defaced Beatles" cover. Deranged pop music!

GOBLIN Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack lp (Dagored, IT) 17.99
-aka Zombi, 180 gram vinyl, nice

DICTATORS Go Girl Crazy lp (Norton/Epic) 11.99
- great proto-punk from 1975!

LPs Back in stock 8/11/04

GG ALLIN Always Was, I And Always Shall Be lp (Assface, Brazil)
Collection of great early pop stuff- "Don't Talk To Me"- on side 1, and alternate versions and rarities on side 2. From Brazil!

ACCEL 4 From Motor City lp (Repent) 10.99
Seiji from Guitar Wolf's brother Akira's band, more in line with Judas Priest rock.... and rockin!

MUMMIES Tales From The Crypt lp (boot) 11.99
The album Crypt rejected- better than their first lp? you decide!

SIMPLY SAUCER Cyborgs Revisited lp (Get Back, IT) 12.99
-great punk-psych from 1974-1975, got it on cd, too!

MISUNDERSTOOD Lost Acetates 1965-1966 (Ugly Things) 16.99
-great heavy psych/garage- guitar!

PONYS Laced With Romance lp (In the Red) 8.99
-finally back in! It's PONYS time!

TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-1979 dbl lp (Swami) 12.99
-Fantastic first-generation punk never appreciated at the time- tuneful and killer all the way through!

68 COMEBACK Love Always Wins lp (Sympathy) 8.99
-Jeff & co do it their way!

COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS Crystal Gazing, Luck Amazing lp (Sympathy) 8.99

DETROIT COBRAS Mink Rat Or Rabbit lp (Sympathy) 8.99
-modern classic of updated 60s covers plus "Bad Girl."

JACK OBLIVIAN So Low lp (Sympathy) 8.99
-Jack's great moody "late night" record... "i'm going Down Town!"

OBLIVIANS Play 9 Songs with Mr Quintron lp (Crypt) 8.99

OBLIVIANS Soul Food lp (Crypt) 8.99

TEARJERKERS Bad Mood Rising lp (Sympathy) 8.99
-Jack Yarber's rockin rollin revue...

CDs Just In! 8/11/04

NERVOUS PATTERNS cd (Cochon) 10.99
-Jay & Alicja stripped down Lost Sounds style, more pop

HOMOSEXUALS Astral Glamour 3cd (Morphius / Messthetics) 28.99
Legendary London artpunk 1978-1982... 81 songs from the most important and notorious band of the DIY era... the Homosexuals complete works on vinyl and cassette plus a dozen unreleased tracks. 32 page booklet. Unseen photos, artwork, posters, lyrics, it's all here! Unbelievable.

TOXIN III I Rock I Ran (Again) cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
Crowley, Louisiana killed by death favorites!! Punk!

REVELONS Anthology cd (Sepia-Tone) 13.99
-with the great "The Way (You Touch My Hand)" & more- pop/ new wave from 1978-1982

FUCK Those Are Not My Bongos cd (Future Farmer) 14.99
-more from now-Memphis Tim Prudhomme
HUNCHES Hobo Sunrise cd (In The Red) 13.99
-Portland blasters blast

GRIS GRIS cd (Birdman) 13.99
- combo of13th Floor Elevators, Love, guitar freakout & pop songs!

WIRE Pink Flag cd (Harvest, UK) 14.99
Masterpiece of minimalist punk, with 2 great bonus traks, "Dot Dash" and "Options R."

TINA & THE TOTAL BABES She's So Tuff cd (Sympathy) 13.99
-Tina from Bobbyteens backed up by the Fevers guys = pure pop genius!

MICHAEL YONKERS BAND Microminiature Love cd (Sub Pop) 14.99
-great lost lp from 1968- bizarre psych/rock with outer space bent!
New lp out now- coming soon!

FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND Satori cd (Radioactive, UK) 18.99
like Slayer in 1971! Heavy Japanese psych freak out!

DICTATORS Bloodbrothers cd (Norton) 14.99
-classic for fans of the Two Tub Rub!

RESIDENTS Meet The Residents cd (EuroRalph) 17.99
-classic finally on cd. That title still cracks me up.

RADIO BIRDMAN Essential 1974-1978 cd (Sub Pop)
-Here ya go. Detroit down under!

COSMIC PSYCHOS Go The Hack cd (Sub Pop)
-awesome Aussie Ashton overload! Dumb in the best, loudest way!
Tractor rock rules!

RADIO INDIA The Eternal Dream Of Sound dbl cd (Sublime Frequencies) 18.99
-random mix of Indian pop songs, commercials, sounds, songs, all recorded off of Indian radio.

BUSH MALI TAXI Field Recordings From Mali cd (Sublime Frequencies) 15.99
-cool field recordings of music of Mali from Sun City Girls wandering the globe..

CAMBODIAN CASSETTE ARCHIVES: Khmer Folk And Pop Music Vol 1 cd (Sublime Frequencies) 15.99
more Cambodian pop music picked up via Sun City Girls folk travelling the country and searching out new sounds... for fans of the Cambodian Rocks or Love, Peace, Poetry- Asican Psychedelic Music cds.

DAVID CROSS It's Not Funny cd (Sub Pop) 12.99
-No, it's not.

HALFACRE GUNROOM Wrecked cd (Deathwish) 14.99
Memphis new alt-country about to go big

SUNN O))) White 2 cd (Southern Lord) 14.99
Ultimate bass rattle drone HEAVINESS with Joe Preston, etc. Melvins slowed down!

v/a SEX SLEAZE & SOUL cd (Nice Treat) 13.99
- porn trailers, blaxploitation trailers, soul & funk trax, nice to "set the mood"

SHINS Oh, Inverted World cd (Sub Pop) 14.99

POSTAL SERVICE Give Up cd (Sub Pop) 14.99
-Death Cab For Cutie member!

HELLACOPTERS Payin The Dues cd (Sub Pop) 14.99
-includes bonus live album!

HOOKERS Satan's Highway cd (Scooch Pooch) 14.99
-ex Nine Pound Hammer goes Satanica!

CD Restocks 8/11/04


OTHA TURNER Everybody Hollerin Goat cd (Birdman) 13.99
-Essential Fife & Drum blastin' & dancing for the entire planet.
Turner Family Picnic is August 26th!
Come to our art opening for Butch Anthony & then head down!

REIGNING SOUND Time Bomb High School cd (In The Red) 13.99

REIGNING SOUND Too Much Guitar cd (In The Red) 13.99

SCREAMERS In A Better World dbl cd (Xeroid) 18.99
Great collection of studio & live tracks from way, way ahead of their time synth punks. Punk!

NECKBONES Pay The Rent cd (Zee Bin) 13.99
Neckbones debut! Messy & completely rock n roll!

TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-79 dbl cd (Swami) 15.99
Great, essential punk rock from Sonny Vincent & co.

DEL GATORS Pound Down! cd (Sympathy) 12.99
Sexareenos-related similar frat BASH that's a blast and has Coco Butter Khan on piano... more fantastic Canadian party music!

eric o
Posted: Aug 12, 2004 11:32 pm
more... and more coming!

DETONATIONS Static Vision cd (Alive) 14.99
-first full-length from New Orleans stripped-down punkers with Keith ex-Drags.

Newly re-done after a brief hiatus, these are real cds (not cdrs) with better sound than the original issues. Chuck Warner does it alphabetically, so you get a kinda random flow sometimes, but it still works! With 20+ tracks per cd, it's a great way to find out about new bands in whatever genre flutes your boots.

HYPED TO DEATH #2 cd US & Canadian 45s Sa-So cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
-with Screaming Urge, Sadonation, Sins, Skunks, Shock, Sorex, Scientific Americans, Scooter & The Worms, more!

TEENLINE no 101 American Pop-rock & Powerpop "R-S" 76-85 cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
-with Shivvers ("Teenline"!), Sex Clark Five, Romantics, Real Kids, Saucers, Radio ALarm Clocks, Shoes, more!

TEENLINE no 102 American Pop-rock & Powerpop "S" 76-85 cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
With Speedies ("Let Me Take Your Photo"), Spongetones, Trand, Squirrels From Hell, Shane Champagne, Side Effex, Skunks, more!

TEENLINE no 103 American Pop-rock & Powerpop "T" 76-85 cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
-with 20/20, Trend, Taxi Boys, Tweeds, Tuff Darts, Marc Thor, Two Minutes 50, Transformers, Toys, more!

HOMEWORK #101 U.S. DIY and postpunk 1977-86 "R & S" cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
-with Screaming Urge ("Homework"!), Red Asphalt, Reallly Red, Rentals, Spanish Dogs, 17 Pygmies, Screamin Mee-Mees, more!

HOMEWORK #102 U.S. DIY and postpunk 1977-86 "S & T" cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
with True Believers (Columbus, OH), Standing Waves, Twinkeyz, Telefones, Underacievers, Styrens, Tommy Dog, Stroke Band, more!

HOMEWORK #103 U.S. DIY and postpunk 1977-86 "V-Z" cd (Hyped2Death) 9.99
with Baton Rouge's great Zoomers, X-X (Cleveland post- Electric Eels), Wild Stares, Y Pants, Yo, Zyklon, V:, Voodoo Idols (tampa), Velvet Monkeys, and more!

Bettie Lou
Posted: Aug 13, 2004 2:22 am
Yes! Les Sexareenos are great! They make me happy and want to get up and boogie! I'll have to come by. It sounds like you guys have gotten in some real cool tunes. Talk to ya later.
Posted: Aug 13, 2004 2:58 am
that Postal Service description is right on!!
muddy spear
Posted: Aug 13, 2004 3:34 pm
Jeeeeez Louiiiiise!!! Some great stuff there. D'you ship stuff out to the UK? Can I use PayPal? I know this info's probably on the site somewhere but I gotta go RIGHT NOW! Lemme know how it goes down...
Posted: Aug 13, 2004 6:19 pm
yo muddy... yes we do paypal and yes we ship to the UK. shoot us an email to gonerrecordsATbellsouth.net (and change out that AT for an @) and let us know what you want. We'll give you a shipping cost, you can paypal us and we'll send you the records. easy as that!

thanks for lookin...

Posted: Aug 13, 2004 8:39 pm
What's the story on the Flower Travelling Band.

Sounds interesting. Is it metal or psych, or both? Anybody whose heard it care to elaborate a bit. Much thanks in advance.

Posted: Aug 13, 2004 8:53 pm
"Turner Family Picnic is August 26th!"

The 26th is a Thursday --- is it really happening then? Just double checking, thanks.

Posted: Aug 14, 2004 1:21 am
"All My Life" is amazing!
Posted: Aug 14, 2004 1:51 am
Adam -- picnic is actually the 27th and 28th -- I guess Eric was trying to throw off the outta towners...
Posted: Aug 14, 2004 4:22 am
flower travellin band is more rock than psych - satori, the one we have - is one song in five parts for about 45 minutes. Gigantic riffs throughout and manic howls that nod in and out. A great pile of monster japanese sabbath goodness from 69 or 70.
eric o
Posted: Aug 15, 2004 9:18 am
but it's psych. heavy psych.

http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/features/index.php?id=9 for julian cope's slobbering run down, including the following:

"Flower Travellin’ Band were lean, they were loose, and they were dervish-driven and forward-thinking enough to pick an Afro-headed punk like Joe as the singer. Skinny-hipped and howling like a banshee, Akira ‘Joe’ Yamanaka was both an Iggy and an Ozzy of epic proportions, who would do his vocal bit and then sod off for ten or so minutes at a time. This is my stage so fuck you. Riffs would build and build, and rhythms would change organically or very abruptly, but Joe would only sing when absolutely necessary."

first lp:

yeah they cover "black sabbath."

rob tyner try and grow this afro:

the album lives up to the hair!

eric o
Posted: Aug 15, 2004 9:52 am
Determined am I
Now to Live all in Flame
buck wilders
Posted: Aug 19, 2004 8:51 am
So are the Skip Spence 7"s not on OAR? You guys got anymore Nathaniel Mayer "Bald Headed Woman" 7"s? Trying to get Dave to bring Natedog & the Shanks back real soon!
eric o
Posted: Aug 19, 2004 9:20 am
man, that Skip Spence 7" is DEFINITELY not on Oar! it's a mod freakout! and a 90s freakout! we're out... need more!

out of the nat mayer 7", too. total genius.

we gotta get him back to town! i know he loves the norleans... we'll work on a package deal.

i love it when these soul guys end up completely totally freakin RAW!

nathaniel mayer walking down the street blows away whatever's on pitchfork/popmatters all month.


Posted: Aug 19, 2004 9:42 am
Dave at the Hi-Tone says he has Nate Dog coming to town...
buck wilders
Posted: Aug 20, 2004 2:10 am
Posted: Aug 20, 2004 6:56 pm
early october's packed: real kids and dead moon coming toooooo......
eric o
Posted: Aug 21, 2004 4:32 am
ALICJA Pop cdr (Contaminated) 5.99
Alicja Trout Demos with Quinn, Jay, and Rob Evil assisting on various tracks. Yes, it appears she's gone Beyonce on us and adopted the One word Name thing. what a diva. (We have 2 of these so act fast.)

ASS HO & INCREDIBLE MANTechnological Medium cd (self-released) 5.99
Ex-Four Johns guitarist Robbie comes back into the world of the sane with a great "loner with a four track" recording of 90s style basement psych- ie ultra-compressed lead guitar lines, muttering, backwards sections, but real songs. Fans of the murky and forgotten corners will enjoy the mystery. Maybe.

THE REBEL Exciting New Venue For Soccer and Execution of Women 7" ep (SDZ, France) 4.49
Ben Wallers, ex-Country Teasers, continues his assault on casio keyboards and bourgeouis sensibilites. and women.
4 chaotic songs.

more stuff in the NEW STUFF page...

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