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eric o
Posted: Jun 5, 2004 7:18 am

Here's some new stuff!
email to reserve to gonerrecords(AT)bellsouth.net
(replace that (AT) with the @)

prices do not include shipping! for priority rates, please include your zip code. thanks!

(this is some of the stuff from the past two days)

MOUSEROCKET s/t lp (Empty) 8.99
MOUSEROCKET s/t cd (Empty) 11.99
-Alicja Trout's more indie/pop outlet, great 60s stuff, too- "Little Black Egg" & Love's "Alone Again Or."

REATARDS Grown Up Fucked Up cd (Empty) BACK IN STOCK!!!! 11.99
-great 2nd lp from jay

NIKKI & THE CORVETTES s/t cd (Bomp) 13.99
-classic girl power pop punk stuff!

BLACK LIPS We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow lp (Bomp) 8.99
BLACK LIPS We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow cd (Bomp) 13.99
-GREAT messed up garage album... BEYOND! colored vinyl, lp has screwy "bonus" track!

GIBSON BROS Memphis Sol Today! (Sympathy) 12.99
-Back in stock! Raw & right lp from don & jeff & ROSS! - recorded at Sun Studio!

MARKED MEN On The Outside lp (Dirtnap) 9.99
MARKED MEN On The Outside cd (Dirtnap) 12.99
-dangerously catchy punk / pop stuff from ex-Reds

COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS Crystal Gazing, Luck Amazing lp (Sympathy) 8.99
-restock of overlooked lp

THE QUICK In Tune With Our Time 7" (Bacchus Archives) 4.99
-Powerpop reissue

DIRTBOMBS High Octane Salvation 7" (Sympathy) 3.99

KO & THE KNOCKOUTS s/t lp (Sympathy) 8.9
KO & THE KNOCKOUTS s/t cd (Sympathy) 12.99
-more Detroit garage mayhem! Ko is now a Dirtbomb, too!

MISSION OF BURMA ONoffON cd (Matador) 13.99
great new record... sounds like MISSION OF BURMA!
MISSION OF BURMA ONoffON dbl lp (Matador) 16.99

MISUNDERSTOOD The Lost Acetates: 1965-1966 lp (Ugly Things) 16.99
awesome limited pressing! LP has thick cover, thick vinyl, band story, etc! Alternate versions of lots of songs, including the world fuzzifying "Children Of the Sun" (Not the Billy Thorpe song!)
MISUNDERSTOOD The Lost Acetates: 1965-1966 cd (Ugly Things) 14.99

CHAIN GANG Perfumed cd (Matador) 9.99
-All the Chain Gang you want- includes "Son Of Sam" and "Island Of Dr Moreau" (or whatever that song on the 'Springtime For Belsen' comp is....) great, antisocial new york city art punk. "Kill The Bouncers At The Ritz"!

THE FALL Wonderful & Frightening World Of cd (Beggars Banquet) great early grinding Fall 11.99

GUITAR WOLF Jet Generation cd (Matador) 13.99
GUITAR WOLF Missile Me! cd (Matador) 13.99
GUITAR WOLF Planet Of the Wolves cd (Matador) 13.99

GARY NUMAN/ TUBEWAY ARMY Tubeway Army cd (Beggars Banquet) 11.99
-Numanoids fromthe deep, REJOICE! Bonus track!

GARY NUMAN / TUBEWAY ARMYReplicas cd (Beggars Banquet) 11.99
-Keep rejoicing, Numanoids! More extras! Remastered for maximum Numanoid sound!

PAVEMENT Slanted & Enchanted Deluxe Edition dbl cd (Matador) tons of extras on disc II including a whole live show! 16.99

SOFT BOYS Underwater Moonlight + double cd! (Matador) great british oddball psyche powerpop genius with demos, extras, etc 2 cds! 16.99

more on the sale page! lots of memphis stuff!

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