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Posted: Aug 30, 2000 7:00 pm
I heard some ugly rumors that the Necessary Evils have broken up. I could see how that might be possible with James Arthur not living in the same area as the rest of them. Anyone else hear this rumor or know of any info about it?

Also, anyone know of any release date for their Dropkick Records 7"? I don't know shit. I need to be learned.


eric o
Posted: Aug 31, 2000 12:02 am
as far as i know they did break up... the distance was a factor. i guess this last trip to vegas shakedown wasn't all it coulda been. they were supposed to record some stuff but i don't think they got a chance to do so. but who knows? more shows might materialize... james is moving back to dallas so it's the end of the short-lived life of our band AAAA THE NEW MEMPHIS LEGS... rats. eric
Posted: Aug 31, 2000 1:23 am
That really sucks! The Necessary Evils were an excellent and, IMO, underrated band. Did the Memphis Legs (I don't get that "AAA" part of the name by the way) ever get a chance to record?
eric o
Posted: Aug 31, 2000 11:04 am
Legs did record... some stuff that didn't sound too hot. too bad. a couple of songs sounded good live. esp the show we did with james on guitar & shortwave radio, me on guitar & sampler, and jay reatard on multiple keyboards... that was a mofo.

the AAAA puts us first in the phone book... and "the new memphis" was a joke... i guess the name was the LEGS, the rest was a goof.

might as well have fun with it all...

and maybe something else will come along. i'm sure james will get into something in dallas. and if you're needing a cool lamp, go to james & d'lana's company... http://www.moonshineshades.com , tell 'em goner sent ya.

enough ads...


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