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eric o
Posted: May 17, 2004 8:38 am
yes we are now the home to orphaned rock n roll bands...

MONDAY (yes, today!) May 17

fresh off the high of tearing it up at Chicago's Horizontal Action Blackout, it's


Leeds' lo-fi kings and queen of all they purvey (and they purvey a lot!)
come on down, British people are hilarious!

Neenah, Wisconsin's greatest neotronic guitar action band! Featuring Nick G, also of the Tears!
don't forget, Wisconsinians are hilarious! Must be all that cheese!

show at 7 pm! early! get off work, eat a hot dog, and come down and see some free rock n roll!



Frankfurt's fab trio of 60s/70s pop / rock beauty! Fresh off of a strong showing last weekend with the Dutch Masters & The Preacher's Kids!
ps these guys are hilarious!

7 pm FREE!

[although these shows are free, please count on handing the bands a few bucks for gas, food, beer, and whatever pornography or other needs young men on the road might have...]

dutch hercules
Posted: May 17, 2004 9:57 am
those Real Losers busted some ass at Blackout! Turned my green hair to its natural color!
eric o
Posted: May 18, 2004 9:49 pm
great night! after great sets from both bands in front of a good no-day's notice crowd, REAL LOSERS were kidnapped and coerced into an impromptu Mike McCarthy video immediately afterwards, lip synching to a track off their new wrench 45, "she's outta control," with starlet kelly cox providing good ol' american eye candy. expect it to be brill. at the end of the night mike loaded THE HAND into the back of his truck with the last cold beers of the night, and sped off.

both bands sounded great- said it sounded better than onstage in chicago...

oh yeah, REDONDO BEAT Tonight!

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