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eric o
Posted: May 12, 2004 6:59 pm
my goner-records.com server ain't serving... so you can get ahold of us at the store at


the old address should be working soon, but don't know when.


Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: May 18, 2004 11:33 pm
SHIT! I just sent you "Ask JP" answers Sunday!!!!

Is there any way the information could be saved (My email account said it went through,and it didn't get sent back!) am i gonna have to get ready for a do-over?

Human Garbage Disposal
Posted: May 18, 2004 11:35 pm
That's what you get when you just go to the Board without reading the front "page"...D'oh!
eric o
Posted: May 19, 2004 1:45 am
hey JOE!

great! i think my server just got swamped and won't let me download all the messages... i can get it online. not a problem!


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