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eric o
Posted: Jan 10, 2004 2:02 am
SOUTH FILTHY "Soul Of A Man" 7" (Wrecked-Em) 5.00 ppd
Yep, Jack Yarber, Jeffrey Evans, Walter Daniels and co come correct with their blues scuffle on new Memphis label headed up by good guy (and Oblivians Halloween weekend party-thrower supreme) Big Daddy. You asked for it, you got it!

LOST SOUNDS pic disc 7" (Holy Cobra Society, iTaly)
-heavy duty pic disc import edition of 750- "Living In The Ice Age" "No Control" "No One Killer" killer!

CLEARS s/t lp (Resort Theory)
back in stock! classic new waver from Alicja (Lost Sounds), Shelby (solo cd on Smells Like Records) and Brad Pounders (solo lp on Bulb!). Includes Shel Silverstein cover.

EVIL ARMY Conquer Human Life 7" (Contaminated)
Memphis METAL on Alicja Trout's Contaminated Records label... scorch your face!

DESTRUCTION UNIT My Disease 7" ep (Contaminated)
-restock on GREAT fuzz/electro SCREAMERS/etc influenced record that is sick sick sick "My Disease," "I Want You Dead" and "Do You Want To Kill Me?"- doesn't get much bleaker than this! Ryan was the original Reatards drummer!

-w/ Furry Lewis, Mose Vinson, Johnny Woods, Otha Turner, Sleepy John Estes, more! Recorded like you'd hear 'em playing on your porch, in the yard, in a bar. not in a damn studio!

FUSE! Fisherman's Wife cd (In The Red)
-nutsoid ramblings! yeeeeowch!

A-FRAMES Crutches 7" (Royal)
-Hot! Don't blink! it's gone! Hot!

HOMOSEXUALS Homosexuals Record cd (Morphius)
Bateman says: BUY IT! Arty / wired catchy DIY UK punk from '78 on cd at last! Worn out 1st 2 Wire records? You could use this.

LEATHER UPPERS Ok Don't Say Hi cd (Sympathy)
Classic SF punk on cd! Pantsuit City, baby!

-pretty-ish lush living split from Birdman- Polyphonic Spree features ex-68 Comeback / current Viva L'American Death Ray Music drummer Jeff Bouch!

v/a DEEP INSIDE BLUE NOTE cd (Grammofonpladen)
-porn soundtracks from 60s/70s german flicks- slinky!

JEMAA EL FNA Morocco's Rendezvous Of The Dead dvd (Sublime Frequencies)
-insane freestyle footage of Morroccan street musicians & dj! watching a guy spin beat up Morroccan 45s is great!

AL GREEN I Can't Stop dbl lp (Blue Note)
-Rev Al's latest in classic soul sound, recorded with Willie Mitchell at Royal, just like in the old days!

plua more restocks including MOTO, Rev Charlie Jackson, Cheater Slicks, Country Teasers, Electric Eels, Marked Men, Spits, Roky Erickson, Oblivians, Real Losers, Simply Saucer. Tons of great stuff!

Details at http://www.goner-records.com/index/sale/sale.html

eric o
Posted: Jan 10, 2004 9:48 am
A-Frames 7" is gone, Moroccan dvd is gone... am restocking soon.
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