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dutch hercules
Posted: Nov 7, 2003 11:47 am
i have a recipe. What next?
eric o
Posted: Nov 7, 2003 9:59 pm
send it to cookbook@goner-records.com

will finish compiling, illustrating, printing, binding, and etc for xmas sales- early dec. that's the plan.

thanks to all who've contributed... louie, i still need your stuff!

(and illustrations- if you see any to "borrow" - send 'em along!)

Posted: Nov 16, 2003 6:00 pm
hold on I'M CUMMIN'
Posted: Nov 16, 2003 6:02 pm
eric...did cris send me some thing for the one man bang to bang on...louie
eric o
Posted: Nov 17, 2003 6:59 am
yeah man- sorry- i got it right before i went out of town for my brother's wedding.

will ship out monday.

to hardware store. cool?

Posted: Nov 18, 2003 1:09 am
Hey, Eric! How much longer do we have to get you artwork in for the cookbook? I wanna add some to my girlfriend's recipe... Along with other random shit.... How do you want the artwork sent???
eric o
Posted: Nov 18, 2003 6:18 am
i'm compiling, editing, writing, all that.

get it to me via cut outs sent to me, or scans emailed (300 dpi hi res if possible).

get on it! it's gonna be good!

The FlyrodsRIP
Posted: Nov 28, 2003 5:33 am
Hey Eric -- Too late to contribute? I've got something seriously greasy and stomach-saluting that I've been meaning to send along. So, let me know if I can still send it and I'll get it off to you post fucking haste. - Pat
eric o
Posted: Nov 28, 2003 3:24 pm
compiling, organizing, laying out.

and illustrating.

there is time! the email is QUICK and will work!

get me the damn recipes! Anyone else?

Bring it ON!

Posted: Nov 30, 2003 4:11 pm
I got one comin...and it's fuckin' ATKINS-diet friendly!
Posted: Dec 10, 2003 9:49 pm
eric...can you send one to me at the hardware store?

8935 jefferson hwy
river ridge la

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