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eric o
Posted: Sep 6, 2003 12:48 am
eric o
Posted: Sep 6, 2003 1:07 am
i always screw this stuff up... tried to get this forum onto html and it's stubborn... here's what i was trying to post- it's all on the web page, too. sorry.


OBLIVIANS Rock N Roll Holiday- Live in Atlanta lp (Sympathy) 9.00 ppd
Finally got some wax on these killer live tracks!

REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON God's Got It cd (Case Quarter / Aum Fidelity) 15.00 ppd
Amazing raw guitar / gospel that's for the layman as well- like T Model Ford in church! Get this sucker- i been waiting 8 years for a real release after Mike Mariconda blessed me with a cassette of Rev Jackson's actions... hot!!

FUSE! Breaker, Breaker 7" (In The Red) 4.50 ppd
Hold on! Manic, spastic blurts! My head! My head! Clear vinyl.

MYSTERY GIRLS Circles In The Sand 7" (In The Red) 4.50 ppd
Latest from the young garage throbbers from the North... In The Red scores again!

COUNTRY TEASERS Sectret Weapon Revealed At Last lp / cd (In The Red) 9.00 / 14.00 ppd
Brand new from the Teasers! Look out humanity!

BLACKTOP I Got A Baaaaaad Feeling- Complete cd (In The Red) 14.00 ppd
Complete recordings of Mick Collins plus Alex Cuervo (Feast Of Snakes), Darin Lin Wood + Janet (Fireworks)... pre-Blacktop.

AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC A New Commotion lp (Misprint) 10.00 ppd
Nick Ray's latest, best (in my opinion) outing.... grab it!
***** Restocking on all other American Death Ray releases soon- hold on!*****

Restock! PERSUADERS s/t LP (Savage, Sweden) 10.00 ppd
Restock of this amazing record featuring KING LOUIE, JASON PANZER, and SHAGGY on drums. Raw, abrasive, catchy, immortal!

Restock! CHEATER SLICKS Don't Like You cd (In The Red) 14.00 ppd
Restock! CHEATER SLICKS Forgive Thee cd (In The Red) 14.00 ppd
Restock! CHEATER SLICKS Whiskey cd (In The Red) 14.00 ppd
Restock! CHEATER SLICKS Yer Last Record lp (Secret Keeper) 10.00 ppd

Restock! COUNTRY TEASERS Science Hat ... dbl lp / cd (In The Red) 18.00 / 14.00 ppd

Restock! DIRTBOMBS Ultraglide In Black lp (In The Red) 9.00 ppd
Classic covers from the Dirtbombs... great great album. Your girlfriend's girlfriend will love it, too.

Restock! ELECTRIC EELS Eyeball Of Hell cd (Scat) 14.00 ppd Yeowch! Classic 70s Clevo art-scorch. RAW, baby!

Restock! TONY JOE WHITE s/t cd (Sepia-Tone) 14.00 ppd
Restock! TONY JOE WHITE Train I'm On cd (Sepia-Tone) 14.00 ppd
Two low-down bluesters from the snake-pit master himself. Tony Joe is king of the boogie! In a good, no, GREAT way!

Restock! A-FRAMES s/t cd (SS) 14.00 ppd
Restock! A-FRAMES 2 cd (SS) 14.00 ppd
Cyborg-punk noise post-wave that's a hit!

Restock! SIMPLE SAUCER Cyborgs Revisited cd (Sonic Unyon) 15.00 ppd
And speaking of proto-punk bizarroness... this rocks. Canadian outsider rock/punk ala Pere Ubu with synth washes and antisocial sentiment... ah, the kinda stuff we all love. 1st batch sold out FAST!

I've also just restocked the ESSENTIAL KREATURE COMFORTS LOWLIFE GUIDE TO MEMPHIS- if you're planning on a rock n roll visit, this is the ticket. Maps to main attractions, info, stories, gossip, it's all here, from Easley's to Alex Chilton's folks house to Graceland Too to Stax Music Academy to Al Green's church. only $3 postage paid!

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