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eric o
Posted: Sep 3, 2003 10:01 pm
new stuff including Labor Day weekend wrap-up, MENTE and fantastic New Orleans photos link.... also have the History of Memphis Garage Rock: THe 90s cds in stock... and a GREAT new issue of ARTHUR! check it out!


Womb Raider
Posted: Sep 4, 2003 1:15 am
deciphered mente lyrics:

well she was big
and beefy
said her name
was fifi

she barked
she begged
she rubbed herself
against my leg

sex poodle
she's from france
(sex poodle)
sex poodle
the land of romance
(sex poodle)

she wore
a little red sweater
you know it doesn't
get any better

her hair was done
in a parii (???)
her favorite milk bone
it was me

sex poodle
(sex poodle)
sex poodle
(sex poodle)

<french solo, followed by shrill barking noises>

she had big ears
and a wet nose
you know I love her
I suppose

and yet
I lost her in the end
I lost
my man's best friend

sex poodle
c'est la vie
(sex poodle)
sex poodle
(sex poodle)

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