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Posted: Aug 16, 2003 12:53 am
when are bands like: The Tear Jerkers, The Cool Jerks, Compulsive Gamblers, Reigning Sound, Bad Times, ever coming to Europe, or even much better: to The Netherlands, where I live. I think it's about time. Does anybody know......?
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 2:53 am
in the interim,check out some great Euro bands such as The Cha Cha Guerillas, Stereo Satanics,Rev. Beat-Man,Los Banditos,El Guapo Stuntteam,or The Cellophane Suckers.
Robby G
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 5:28 am
Dude, where DO you live?
Cool Jerks just toured! Don't tell me you missed them..

The rest? My guesses:
Tear Jerkers are too lazy, you should know...
Compulsive Gamblers are they still playing?
Reigning Sound just cancelled, maybe some time soon?
Bad Times? Did they play more than once in a bedroom?

eric o
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 5:51 am
hey now! Bad Times played Normal, IL and then the record release show in New Orleans! how many times did the beatles play live after 1966?

Tearjerkers aren't too lazy- i'm sure Jack would like nothing better than to live out of a suitcase, living on the road. unfortunately, some of his band has family/ real professions.

Robby G
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 5:59 am
I know! I was just teasing Jack about the Tearjerkers. I'd love to set up a tour for them, but had to settle for the Cool Jerks... (oops Scott, sorry...).
I think Jack was having fun on that tour. His suitcase is big enough... And I saw him solo as the Tearjerkers so... (OK, not quite Scott Bomar (?) was playing drums. So at least I saw half of 'm...).

When did the Beatles EVER play live? I mean, it could be all fake... Like that guy on the moon!

Posted: Aug 16, 2003 10:38 pm
did The Cool Jerks toured in Europe?
Don't tell me, I missed them. It could even be worse, if they have been in The Netherlands.
How come it seems like I always know as the last one....
Posted: Aug 16, 2003 11:22 pm
Sorry about that man. We were there in May. We played Utrecht, Hoorn, Amsterdam, and Groenigen(sp?). I hope to be back soon.
Posted: Aug 17, 2003 8:35 pm
well that's too baaaad!
I missed it, and The Cool Jerks played nearby. How was it?
I really hope, next time I will be there.
Hopefully through this forum, I will be informed (I just joined in).
Robby G
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 5:00 am
Ga je wel naar the Marked Men kijken dan!? Moet je doen, voor je weer wat mist... :)
Zie markedmen.com
Robby G
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 5:02 am
Met "the" er nog voor...
Plus die Vlaardingen show gaat niet door maar is nu in Rotterdam in 't Poortgebouw.
Jack Penetrator
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 5:11 am
Robby G.-I'd be interested in your experience promoting touring bands.Were lookin' at promoters.THX...Jack
Robby G
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 5:44 am
Looking at promoters eh?
Well, I'm 6'3", pretty sexy, with a bit of a beer belly and some real cute lovehandles. Balding, I'm sad to say... But otherwise in great shape. Beautiful eyes and a fair set of teeth.

What are we talking aboot?

Jack Penetrator
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 7:52 am
Sorry-to bother you Rob!..Spike & I -just tryin'-to line up a Summer 2004 Tour-Were in early stages-and just gathering info....Keep Rockin"!!
Robby G
Posted: Aug 18, 2003 7:07 pm
Forget about coming over in July till late August. Everything closed. Only festivals...
Posted: Aug 19, 2003 6:52 am
Build a festival AROUND the Penetrators, you dutchbag! Maybe the Royal Pendletons can open for them.

Time for bed.

Dreaming of Deez.

Posted: Aug 20, 2003 10:18 am
bedankt voor de tip, Rob.
Een goede site. En hopelijk mis ik nu geen coole gigs meer.The Oblivians heb ik 2x gezien, hier in De Effenaar, Einhoven. Onnodig om te zeggen hoe ze waren.
Cool, dat ze nu weer een optreden doen. Ik heb stille hoop.......(hopelijk geen ijdele hoop).
kevin e
Posted: Aug 20, 2003 8:44 pm
You can see infinitely better shows in Europe than plenty of places in the US.
Posted: Aug 20, 2003 9:39 pm
i saw the Marked men at the Vera club in Groningen. great show. its amazing to see all the flyers for all the great bands that have played there.
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