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Robin in Clarksdale
Posted: Aug 10, 2003 8:36 pm
Hey thanks for including this event on your website. This year's festival was great, and it wasn't even as hot as hell as it normally is. I do have to mention that Cathead Blues and Folk art featured Memphis' John Lowe as a sort of one-man-band street performer with his "Lowebow" cigar box guitar. Cool, but I couldn't help but think "King Louie can kick that guy's ass!" when I saw him. I say next year we need to plan a one-man-band mud rasslin' event in downtown Clarksdale...we'll poke a hole in the Sunflower River levee at Quawpaw Canoe Company, flood Delta Avenue with thick black Delta sludge and let 'em have at it. I mean, Louie has been diddling his bow ever since he discovered it as a toddler...surely he can kick some cigar box guitarist's ass? Louie? LOUIE??
eric o
Posted: Aug 10, 2003 11:08 pm
Hey now- Johnny Lowebow does a couple of king louie songs in his set... he took louie down to beale street with robert belfour and they all got shut down... he's down with louie and louie's down with him, as far as i can tell. but sure, let's get louie in on the festivities next year, if he's up for the one man one band action.

more clarksdale info as soon as i sober up.

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