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eric o
Posted: Jul 27, 2003 4:51 am
still out of power- anyone waiting on emails on orders or whatever, hang on.

we're grilling out, sweating, and drinking in the dark. pumping air into the fishtank via a bike pump.

buy a battery powered 45 player. instant party. most have am radios, too.

hopefully i'll be up again soon... no damage to our house, but trees were uprooted on both sides.

as soon as i have power, i'll get back on top of things... new stuff in... new quintron, testors comp dbl lp/cd, spits back in, bags 7", etc etc etc.

eric o
Posted: Jul 29, 2003 4:13 am
back on! 6 days in the dark! talking memphis caveman blues!

now i can catch up on all the commercials i've been missing on tv... i don't know what to buy! damn!

updates coming...

Helen Wheels
Posted: Aug 4, 2003 8:01 am
Sweethearts, the powers of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap are tremendous, plus you can read the inspirational messages by candle light...
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