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eric o
Posted: Apr 29, 2003 9:25 am
COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS Live & Deadly dbl lp -15.00 ppd
Classic live collection of the Gamblers best tunes back in!

ELECTRIC PRUNES Lost Dreams cd (Birdman) 15.00 ppd
Completely underappreciated psych garage band... this is thee only comp that makes sense. Great notes. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night is just the start...

COUNTRY TEASERS Science Hat Cube Artistic Moral Nosebleed Empire dbl lp (In the Red) 20.00 ppd
Epic from these Scot/Brit obnoxoid Fall/Jon Wayne worshippers back in!

ELECTRIC EELS Eyeball Of Hell dbl lp (Scat) 20.00 ppd
Yeowch! Classic Clevo art-scorch.

DEADLY WEAPONS Backstabber 7" (Lipstick) 5.00 ppd
Tina Lucchessi's street punk 7" back in!

A-FRAMES s/t cd (Ss/ Dragnet) 14.00 ppd
amazing first album now on cd... wire/fall anglo angularness burning fresh and bright off the West Coast...

A-FRAMES 2 lp (Ss) 14.00 ppd
180 gram vinyl for the follow-up to the first lp, which sold out FAST. so new i haven't had a chance to spin this sucka yet!

FM KNIVES Useless & Modern lp (Broken) 9.00 ppd
Power pop/punk ala Kids/ Boys etc back in!

i'm outta memphis until the weekend, email to reserve these or any other items i'm selling and i'll get at you as soon as i can...

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