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eric o
Posted: Apr 15, 2003 9:51 pm
COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS Live And Deadly dbl lp (Symptahy) lp 15.00 ppd cd 14.00 ppd
Greg and Jack backed by the Reigning Sound band- and is that Sunrise playing trumpet?- tearing through Gamblers classics in Chicago and Memphis. cd's cheaper 'cause it's cheaper to ship, not 'cause it's better, worse, or shinier.

EXPLODING HEARTS Guitar Romantic cd (Dirtnap) 14.00 ppd
Super-sweet Portland Power pop that has KING LOUIE on keyboards! Louie also co-wrote over half the songs,
giving it total street credibility. Count the "shatters." originally came out on vinyl in germany, which sold out quick- now Dirtnap has reissued it on cd for the USA. Go Louie!

HORRORS Vent (In the Red) lp 9.00 ppd/ cd 14.00 ppd
latest from Cedar Rapids Ohio dizbusters, this time less of a sonic wall of reverb crash, and more blues/swamp action. No less dangerous, though. produced by Greg Cartwright in Memphis!

DEADLY SNAKES Ode To Joy lp (In The Red) 9.00 ppd
Latest from Canadian rock/r&b combo like Compulsive Gamblers, now Greg's not in the band but they still know how to shake it! Full horn section, full knowledge of Stax action as well as gospel and all-out rockin boogaloo!

SONNY VINCENT Old School Motor Punk 7" (Flapping Jet) 5.00 ppd
ex-Testors main man still rockin hard with scott asheton (stooges), richard lloyd (television), Captain Sensible (damned), and Javier Escovedo (Zeros, and Sheila E's cousin, i think).

PERE UBU Shape of Things cd (Hearpen) 14.00 ppd
Live from a cassette recording from April, 1976, with Peter Laughner on guitar, and covers of "Pushin Too Hard," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," and "Heroin." WOW! Official release...

Various Artists INSIDE DEEP NOTE: MUSIC OF 1970s ADULT CINEMA cd (Grammofonpladen) 16.00 ppd
Over an hour of classic wah wah, "soulful" strings, and "get it on" grooves from the wild and wooly (ha) adult films of the 1970s. Includes wacky dialogue and 16 page full coler booklet and detailed liner notes.Do you want to miss out on "Hebrew National Salami," "Pimp Fight," "Four Wheelin' Meat Movers," or "Rubber Balls and Liquor?" Ho- nellie! import cd.

Great 60s/early 70s brazilian psych now on black vinyl lp. My current favorite of the series!

SOUTH FILTHY You Can Call It Yo Mammy If You Wanna cd (Sympathy) 14.00
Restock on Memphis/Austin bluesrockers with Jeffrey Evans, Jack Yarber, Walter Daniels, and Texacala Jones!.

email to reserve: eric@goner-records.com

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