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eric o
Posted: Jan 31, 2003 6:11 am

COOL JERKS "Whole Wide World" 7" (Misprint)
Memphis garage kings crank through Wreckless Eric classic + one of jacks! 4.00 ppd

COOL JERKS Cleaned A Lot Of Plates In Memphis cd
great rocker with jack yarber, scott rogers, and david and forrest from the neckbones! back in! 13.00 ppd

DIRTBOMBS "Australian Sing-A-Long" 7" (Zerox)
Back in stock! 2 covers of aussie classics, including BEE GEES! 6.50 ppd

ROLLING ST*NES "Will Keith Wake In Time?" lp (Human Riff)
Live from Perth, Australia, Feb 24, 1973, great live sound, rippin' Mick Taylor (yow!) leads and Keith chops (don't know what they're on about in the title), tracks are Brown Sugar, Bitch, Rocks Off, Gimme SHelter, happy, Tumbling Dice, Honkytonk Women, All Down the Line, Midnight Rambler, Happy Birthday... the best band in the world? This sounds like it... killer! 15.00 ppd

Los Apson, Los Locos Del Ritmo, Los Rockin Devils and lots more go through a buncha 60s classics- Hey Joe, Satisfaction, Suzie Q, Hello I Love You, etc- and give 'em that primo South Of the Border crunch... compiled by genius Michael Lucas of Phantom Surfers fame... 9.00 ppd

TWINKEYZ Cartoonland lp (Anopheles) Classic outsider psych/punk/??? record from 1977-1980, finally reissued right on heavy, clear wax, legit limited edition. 15.00 ppd

SUBSONICS A Lot To Forget Lp (Slovenly)
Favorite VU freaks return on the same label at the Spits, with a song called "Spit!" Coincidence? These guys/gals mix sleaze with urgent locomotion in the same vein as American Death Ray, but a different direction- more tongue and less lip? You tell me. 9.00 ppd

GREENHORNES Dual Mono lp (Telstar) Latest from Cincinatti's coolest garage band ever? The Animals are reborn! 9.00 ppd

BOB LOG Log Bomb cd (Fat Possum) Brand New cd with 13 tracks of Bob Log brilliance & insanity. His slide playing is better than ever. Doo Rag fans, the flame still burns... 15.00 ppd

DOO RAG Chunked & Muddled cd (Bloat)
DOO RAG What We Do cd (Bloat)
The two releases from one of the forerunners of the mud-blues stuff going on now... first time we had doo rag in memphis, they had to go on AFTER guitar wolf... i was feeling for 'em... until they got onstage and took over the show! Thermos (boxes & beats) + Bob Log (guitar, vocals)... great band. 14.00 ea ppd

more new stuff just in!
check it all out at the revamped



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