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eric o
Posted: Dec 19, 2002 9:03 am
New Stuff Just IN!

MUMMIES Never Been Caught cd 12.00 ppd
anti-cd costumed garage creeps take it digitally! ha ha, caught ya!
tons of singles tracks and more!

LEATHER UPPERS Okay, Don't Say Hi lp 10.00 ppd
BACK IN STOCK! Pantsuit punk favorite!

HUNCHES Got Some Hate 7" 4.50 ppd
Single of the year, according ot some!

REIGNING SOUND Time Bomb High School cd 12.00 ppd
greg cartwright's latest, rockin & tuneful 60sish rock!

DARRELL BANKS Is Here! cd 12.00 ppd
detroit soulster kicks it from the 1960s!

SCREAMERS In A Better World dbl cd 17.00 ppd
legendary la synth punkers never got a proper release. .. here they finally get the deluxe treatment... if you're into any of these newfangled kids (piranhas, demolition unit, lost sounds) you gotta hear the screamers...now!

SOUTH FILTHY s/t cd 12.00 ppd
Jack Yarber + Walter Daniels + Jeff Evans + more! Go Texacala Jones!

SUPERCHARGER Singles Party lp/ cd 9.00 ppd / 12.00 ppd
go single! better than dawson's creek!

v/a SHINE ON SWEET STARLET lp/cd 9.00 / 12.00

SPITS II lp 9.00 ppd
Short but sweet ramones with retarded keyboards roar... it's a good un!

TWINKEYZ Cartoonland lp 15.00 ppd
Love these SF 1977-80 garage-psych weirdos... not everyone's taste but they'll grow on ya. true american originals.
clear vinyl edition reissue limited to 1000.

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