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eric o
Posted: Dec 14, 2002 6:03 am
whoah, a monster fuzz/ wah wah/ chicka chicka fest, 12 uncredited songs of 68-71 memphis small-label heaviness. If you dig the early parliament/ funkadelic (ala 1st 2 lps) or the heavy funk on the SHAFTMAN lp (like the incredible "Shorty The Pimp") or all the garagey black bands that wanted to be hendrix that came out during this period, this is a KILLER.

"get high" is so sloppy it's beyond belief. if dangerous pinkie thinks i have no rhythm... wow.

there's some surface noise on some of the tracks, adds to the charm. aww, you'll love it.

for new yorkers or internet radio listeners... i think they've been playing this on some shows on WMFU..

sorry not to have more info- cover is just some shots of black motorcycle clubhouses.

edition of 1000, the label's down to their last 200 copies. 17 stone cold killer tracks. 14.00 ppd

eric o
Posted: Dec 14, 2002 8:45 pm

here's some realaudio samples of three of the songs... hopefully they work for ya...


(that's the "get high" i think- my realaudio ain't working right now)



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