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eric o
Posted: Dec 10, 2002 7:19 am
Just in!

One of the best zines of all time, from lovable beer-drinking Larry in San Diego

#13 Pranks, crash of PSA flight 182, losers guide to North Park in San Diego 3.00 ppd

#14 Satanic Special! Incredible research! Losers guide to Satanic San Diego... $3.00 ppd (only 3 copies!)

#15 Kill Zines motor home tour diary (came to Memphis!), loads of drinking, septic tank problems, etc. I read this in one sitting- couldn't put it down. 3.00 ppd

#16 NEW ISSUE! Who'da thunk it! Hunting for Rob Halford in San Diego, taking underage girls to prom (from both his and her side- great!), "People From The Valley" - speed burnouts & other characters, "Moustache Ride" offer photoessay, more Satanic news clippings, and a story about Philly serial killer/bum Gary Heidnik getting thrown out of a punk rock gig. And reviews, and more. Too much! Get 'em all! 3.00 ppd

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