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eric o
Posted: Nov 20, 2002 7:38 am
yep, it's gone digital... via Sympathy, official release date in February...

*Hear Jay, Louie, and Eric rock songs they'd played for 1 day!

* Hear Sean Albundy's background moaning! Digital sound makes it all the crisper!

*No extra tracks! (but the 2 live songs are put back together (almost) at the end of the cd...)

*Not out officially for another 3 months! Why wait?

BAD TIMES s/t CD 10.00 ppd
or 5 for 40.00

paypal id:

or go the check/cash/money order route...

Eric Friedl (not GONER ,pleeeeeeze)
PO BOX 40566
Memphis, TN 38174-0566

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