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my girlfriend works at a public library just across the Chicago city limits. she sent me this email at about 12:30 today:

there's been a creepy black kid with a washcloth hanging out of his mouth standing on the north side of the desk reading our pamphlets for half an hour now. I think I want to go home.

as of 5 pm, he's still there. hasn't moved. just standing there.
I had to let as many people as possible know about this.

Sorry, man, I drool pretty bad sometimes. I know the wascloth freaks some of the fairer sex out.
eric o:

better than no washcloth, i say.

he probably just got some teeth pulled and he's on some laughing gas.

yer girlfriend sounds racist

Hee Haw!!!

kid sounds dusted

yer girlfriend sounds racist

hey man. the kid was creepy. the kid was black.
they aren't mutually exclusive. they're descriptors.

All black people are creeps, duh....

All creeps ain't black, lemme tell ya.

my dad's black......AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT THE LADIES TELL ME!!!!!


Creepy Washcloth Boy:

Hey! Screw y'all!

I can read pamphlets all day long with a wash cloth in my mouth if I want to. It's a fuckin' PUBLIC library.

Tomorrow I might read pamphlets all day long with a sock hangin out my ass!

i support yoo
creepy sock hangin out my ass boy:

Try it and I'll lynch ya!

to support you?
Creepy Washcloth Boy:

Yo' mama!
creepy sock hangin out my ass boy:

You are one dense mother. You never get anything that anyone says!! Try again.

creepy sock hangin out my ass boy:

That was for our not-so-stealth friend.

To cwb: Yo' ball-headed granny!
Creepy Washcloth Boy:

Don't you be talkin' bout my ball-headed granny! I'll pull that sock out yo' ass and stuff in yo' candy-ass mouf'.
creepy sock hangin out my ass boy:

Yo' ball-headed granny got a washcloth hangin' outta somewhere's else. Badump-cha!

I'm a librarian and a couple years ago was working at a branch in Chicago right across from the United Center which was at the time mostly homeless people or half-way house residents... I had a man tell me that my arm hair was "For one, erotic and for two, sexy."

You know you've finally been reading the board to long when you can figure out who's behind the fake alteregos by their writing style.

Of course, I could be wrong, everyone thinks I'm "Enough Already" and I'm not, so.........
Ditka Krunchie:

No, Norah, I just think you're a bitch.

You never get anything that anyone says
no I don't......still don't

Back to Bataan:

Oh that's sick.

Creepy washcloth boy. Ha ha.
Jack Stands:

Has anyone in Chicago attempted a "10 years later" follow up?
Documentary style?

He's probably still standing there, but probably no longer a "kid".
dutch hercules:

this thread is almost ten yrs old.
dutch hercules:

goddamnit! j stands wins! ....attention fail.