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Pistol Pez:

the goner board has always been helpful in the past with travel advice. i need more.

heading to seattle & portland in late june for 7-8 days. never been there before, know next to nothing about either city. gonna catch devo in seattle + a mariners game, among other stuff.

what are the cool neighborhoods? record stores? veggie restaurants? other stuff?

is it "necessary" to rent a car while there? i have no problem taking a bus, etc unless it's a giant pain in the ass. i may also(?) need a car to go between both cities.

anyway, i'll take whatever advice anyone's got. thanks.

Don't go.
ida slapter:

Seattle and PDX are great.

in PDX go to Mississippi Records (one of the best in the country)
Exiled Records also great and in an area you can wonder around in.
Great food carts, stiff drinks.
More record stores listed here.
Powells downtown is not to be missed.
This place is yummy.

Seattle doesn't have that great of record stores. I shop more in PDX than Seattle or do mail order.

Every place here will have veg, that is the least of your worries. Best sandwich is paseo.
I would rent a car, but that is me.
In Seattle you can take a ferry, go to the locks (it's free)

if you really want to do with out a car you can take the Bolt Bus from Seattle to PDX. and just stay downtown in both places.

In Portland, definitely Mississippi Recs. Also, Green Noise. Floating World Comics (downtown) has a smallish record selection in the back of the store, which has a surprising amount of rare old punk 45s, pretty reasonably priced - the kind of stuff you almost never see in a store. Club 21 is a cool little dive bar and often has free punk shows (SE 20th & Sandy).

In Seattle, Singles Going Steady (downtown, on 2nd I think) is good - but Portland has no sales tax so those stores are usually a better deal.

Having lived in both towns, I think Portland is by far friendlier and more fun (and sooo much cheaper). You would do well to have a car, though - the buses quit running by 12 and not an easy place to hail a taxi.

North American Organic Brewers Festival
ida slapter:

PDX record stores are way better and cheaper.
Jesse Garon:

in Seattle you can stay at the Moore, but don't act up in their bar or you'll be quickly 86'd.

I would say renting a car is not worth it, both towns are pretty walkable unless it's raining which it usually is.

If you do rent a car you can drive by Mt. St. Helen's and the Mima Mounds. also, there's a good record store out near Dick's Hamburgers in Seattle, but as noted above, it's expensive.
The Troll:

You can always take the train between Seattle and Portland.
ida slapter:

Bolt bus will be much cheaper.
skank police:

BOLT BUS RULES! Buy a ticket now and it could be ultra cheap (they sell the first seats for $1-5!)...there seem to be only regular folks, no inmates, mouthbreathers, hippies, or criminal mouthbreathing hippies. It's faster than the train, clean and has wi-fi and outlets at your seat. I rode home on Sunday, and the driver passed out chocolate!

I dare you to eat a bad meal in Portland... or drink, just choose your dive bars wisely and you'll do great.