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Hey Goners,
I am getting ready to move a fair distance and have to unload the majority of my belongings. Thusly, a decade long obsession of collecting material by Jay Reatard will be one of the things to go. I have created a google spreadsheet containing all the records, cd's, singles, and cdr's I am selling. If anyone has any particular interest in any of them let me know and I can send you the spreadsheet, otherwise they are all going up on eBay. Here are some of the highlights:

Jay Reatard - In The Dark 6" (Square, Black, 40 copies made)
Jay Reatard - In The Dark 6" (Square, Clear, 4 copies made)
Reatards - Get Real Stupid 7"
Reatards - Live 12" (Clear)
Reatards - Your So Lewd 7"
Reatards - Bedroom Disasters (The Early Years) CD-R (a couple of Reatards songs found no where else)
Reatards - Not Fucked Enough CD-R (jewel case, 35 copies made)
Reatards - Not Fucked Enough CD-R (paper sleeve, 100 copies made)
Jay Reatard/Boston Chinks Spilt 7" (Beaten Up and Retard Version)
Angry Angels - Totally Shattered Live CD-R
Terror Visions - World Of Shit 12" Picture Disc

I have much more so check out the spreadsheet.

The anit-spam protection won't let me post a link to the spreadsheet so let me know if you're interested and I can send it your way.

Best wishes,

i'm interested in the live lp

i would also like to see the whole spreadsheet