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eric o:

Get in on the March Madness with Goner Records for a chance to win Goner Goods and help feed Memphis' hungry!

1) Log in or create a profile at espn.com
at http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/frontpage

Join the Goner Records group
Group Name: GONER 2014
Password: EXCULT
(note - these are different from last year)

2) paypal $10 to gonermadness2014@gmail.com
(note: this email address is different from last year!!!)

$$$ must be in before the 1st games are played- 11:15 AM (Central) THURSDAY MARCH 20!!!! THAT'S TODAY!

3) make your picks, and good luck!

Winner gets a gift certificate to Goner for half of the amount of entries x 10- up to $150! The other half goes to the MID-SOUTH FOOD BANK to help feed the hungry.

->Enter as much as you'd like, but no payment, no bracket. Unfunded entries will be deleted.

get in and let's do it one more time again!
dutch hercules:

damn.. i might late on this one.. Go Broncos!
eric o:

Bronc up!


Didn't give me an option of group name, just rejoin, I couldn't see if it's 2013 or 2014, but there were about 8 names in it

Yep, that was last years group, there were several names I didn't see in the 2014 group

Just barely got in... its is probably the least thought I've ever put into a bracket.
eric o:


Congrats to George monster picks shock and awe... - we'll get with you with your prize... and thanks to everyone for playing & helping out the Memphis Food Bank. Was a fun finale!