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Highway Star:

Been trying since last night the remember the name of a band from Oakland from probably 5-8 years ago that i watched at the deli and also used to own their record but it's just not happening. They were kinda poppy and had a bunch of great songs, but every song the keyboard player sang sounded like Christopher Cross or something. I remember Greg and i were standing next to each other and for two songs we would be loving it and then for one song we would look on bewildered as to how it couldbe the same band, and then the cycle repeated over and over for the whole show. Can anybody help me with their name?

Maybe the cuts?
Highway Star:

Nice Bruce! Thanks! I couldn't stop trying to think of it

Made sense, but I think it was longer ago then that
Highway Star:

Yeah, thought that was true when i looked at their hilarious wikipedia page.

The keyboardist's songs were hilarious. Their drummer is one of the doods from Personal & the Pizzas.
Highway Star:

That was a long time ago and i was much more biased against any soft adult contemporary. Now as a huge Hall and Oates fan i should probably revisit if possible.

keyboardist was probably Danny James - his solo album "Pear" is actually pretty awesome. Sounds like Todd Rundgren.
Jesse Garon:

Apparently the cassette ^^^ is SOLD OUT at Burger Records!

That wiki page is rich.